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Buyers can browse and buy products listed for sale on eBay through the website or mobile app and eBay platform provides with My eBay summary page with customizing options, Let’s check now in detail.

eBay Summary

What is eBay Summary

eBay is an online store where people and companies can buy and sell a variety of goods and services. The variety of commodities accessible on eBay is enormous and includes electronics, clothes, collectables, home goods, autos, and much more.

Sellers can choose to sell both new and used items. Search filters, seller ratings and reviews, as well as a safe payment method, are just a few of the features and resources offered by eBay to assist consumers in finding what they are looking for.

How to Customize Your eBay Summary Home Page

Your purchase history and a list of the things you recently saw are among the information you can see on the My eBay summary page. if you’ve adjusted it to reflect your unique eBay preferences and usage patterns. Few in all three stages

Make It Personal

  • Choose which categories of information you want to see first each time you visit My eBay
  • Add, hide or move features to each area of your summary page.
  • In summary page screen, there are three tabs that are labelled Activity, Messages, and Account.
  • There are also customization possibilities for each of these tabs.

Choose Your Homepage and Customize Activity Tab

  • This saves you time by allowing you to quickly trace all of your purchases or bookmarked searches.
  • Simply click the arrows in the menu bar on the left side of your screen to customise your activity tab.
  • The Buy, Lists, and Sell drop-down menu options can be displayed or hidden with this feature.

Quickly Access Your Preferred Account Stats

  • Each time you log in to check the status of your eBay account, your My eBay summary view will be kept and remain the same.

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How to Download Financial Statements on eBay

  1. Register for an eBay account.
  2. Select the listings for which you want sales records and download
  3. Click My eBay > Sold
  4. Select “Save this file to disc
  5. When the download is complete,
  6. click “Continue” to close the window.

When the data is ready, eBay will send you an email, and you can access the CSV file download page by clicking the link in the email.

How to Add eBay Summary Page

  1. Register for an eBay account.
  2. Go to eBay homepage
  3. Select the Sell button
  4. The selling flow will be the place where you may list your things for sale.
  5. Follow the instructions and provide the required information about the product, including the title, description, price, shipping choices, and images.
  6. Press “Submit” to make your listing public.

How to Delete eBay Summary Page

  1. Your active listings will be listed on the eBay Page Summary.
  2. On the “More actions” button next to the item you wish to delete.
  3. Select “End listing” or “Delete” by clicking on the “More actions” button.
  4. To confirm the deletion of the item, follow the prompts.

Refer to eBay’s official documentation or get help from their customer service if you run into any problems or have special inquiries.

How to Access eBay Summary Page

  1. Log into your eBay account
  2. Click the “My eBay” link at the top of the eBay homepage to access the eBay Summary page.
  3. You will then be sent to your individual Summary page.

Can I Customize the eBay Summary Page

Customization options for the Summary page are available on eBay. You can alter the page’s layout, select which sections to display or hide, and change some display options. The “Customise summary” or comparable links on the Summary page provide access to these choices.

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