How to Download Your Reddit Data


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Reddit is a fantastic resource for knowledge on almost all areas of human knowledge and download your reddit data is an option for user as per the request.

Reddit is an online community where individuals from all over the world can interact and exchange information. It resembles a sizable online community where individuals can join many “subreddits” communities according to their interests.

Every subreddit on Reddit specializes in a different topic, like technology, sports, or cookery. Within these subreddits, users can post, ask questions, and participate in debates. Let us check the details which we provide as below.

Reddit Data

How to Download Your Reddit Data

  1. Sign In to your reddit account with your username and password
  2. Choose User Settings
  3. Go to Privacy and Security option
  4. Click Data Download
  5. Tap Request Data
  6. Enter your account password again.
  7. Press Submit.
  8. Reddit will to send you an email with the subject “Your Reddit account data is ready for download.”
  9. Download your data from a Reddit page by clicking on it as a compressed (ZIP) file.
  10. Choose a location to save the file.

Note: Depending on the size and complexity of your Reddit account, it may take longer for the data to be prepared and in a different format. The data will be offered in a number of formats, including JSON, CSV, and HTML

How to Ask Reddit for Your Data

  1. Visit reddit.com and Sign In with your login
  2. Search for Data Request.
  3. Once the request processed, they could require you to send an email or complete a specific form.
  4. Include your login, email address, and any further pertinent data they request.
  5. Be explicit and concise when describing the facts
  6. Send Reddit a message with your data request
  7. Wait for a response.
  8. They usually have a procedure set up to deal with data requests, however the turnaround time may differ

Note: Reddit’s data request procedures and regulations are subject to change at any time, it’s vital to remember that.

Can I choose specific data to download on reddit?

Reddit does not yet offer granular choices to select particular categories of data for download. Reddit often offers a thorough bundle that contains numerous types of data related to your account when you request your data.

What data does reddit provide for download?

A range of information about your account is made available by Reddit, including posts, comments, messages, saved posts, upvotes and downvotes, subscriptions to subreddits, and more. Depending on the features and settings of your Reddit account, the particular data that is available for download may change.

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