Best iMessage Games of 2023 to Get and Play


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Looking for best imessage games to chill free time with your friends and family through online, then iMessage app is the best one for you.

You can play wide variety of games and also much easy to play for any age group of people. Through this article learn about iMessage games, guide for How to play followed by best iMessage Games of 2023.

iMessage Games

iMessage Games

iMessage games are mini games which are merged at one place. It holds all mini games in the iMessage app, and we can choose any game from it, and it makes a fun time to play with the family members and friends.

The iMessage games connects joy with friends and family online. We can enjoy our free time in iMessage games.

We can achieve competitive quality among playing games and team spirit, we can develop leadership qualities when we have team included games in iMessages App.

It is a great option to play games in iMessage App for iPhone and iPad which is iOS10 and later versions users.

How to Play iMessage Games

Here are the simple steps to play the games in iMessage app on iPhone or iPad

  1. Go to your settings App in your iPhone or iPad
  2. Click on the iMessages App option and enable it by toggling on
  3. Open your iMessage App in your iPhone or iPad
  4. Choose any conversation with whom you want to make a fun time to play the game
  5. Open the conversation
  6. Tap on the store option which is at menu of chat typing keyboard
  7. Select the game from below shown list on your screen
  8. Click on let’s start option

Now, you can play the game with your family members or friends and both players can make text messages in chat while playing the games.

How to Get iMessage Games

If you are not downloaded the Game through the App, you can download it by following the simple process that mentioned below

  1. Go to iMessage App
  2. Select any conversation from your chat list
  3. Open the chat
  4. Click on store option
  5. Select the game which is not downloaded in App
  6. Tap on Get App option and wait for some time until it downloads the app
  7. Click on open option after download of game completed
  8. Tap let’s play option, now you can enjoy the game with your friend.

Best iMessage Games 2023

Here is the list of best games in iMessage App 2023 and let’s have an idea about these games to make a joy with your friends by playing this new games.

  • Game Pigeon
  • Wordie
  • CobiHoops
  • Let’s Puck it
  • Boggle with friends
  • Truth Lie
  • CheckMate
  • WIT Puzzles
  • Bubble Bop
  • Cup pong
  • Mario Run
  • Pool mini

Now we will discuss about each game briefly for better understanding about the game, it’s interesting factors and much more.

Game Pigeon

Game pigeon game have 12 mini games in it, and the games are free to play and install which is placed in it.

Most interesting factors in Game Pigeon:

  • The game can be played by more than two people
  • It instructs the steps to game
  • Free to access the options which is provided for the Game


Wordie Game is the best one for solving the levels with our knowledge, because it involves four pictures and the pictures are considered as hints and the player needs to arrange the jumble letters to make a perfect word according to the hints provided.

Here are some of good features of Game:

  • The game established with 600+ classic levels
  • You can play the created levels of your friends
  • Wordie connects people through social media also so, if you want any help from your friends, you can seek from them.

Cobi Hoops

Cobi Hoops, it is a basketball game. To play basketball in real time, it is too hard, and you need to spend more time and it sweats more while playing the basketball game.

But Cobi Hoops is an online Game, we can enjoy our free time without any distractions or without sweating. The Game has a time limit of 30 secs for each round and you need goal the ball into the basket and the max count will be considered here.

Advantages of the Game:

  • Here we can select our court from the list provided in the Game
  • The player feels unique to play because it provides excellent pixel art.

Let’s Puck

Let’s Puck is a game which makes funny bets by playing volleyball you can win the bet by scoring high score with your opponent, here we make stakes like Looser Buys Dinner which is present in the stake’s menu.

We can make our own stakes in Let’s Puck game, which makes Fun time with friends and it increases the challenging spirit.

Advantages in the Game

  • It provides best features such as playing backgrounds and makes comfort zone while playing
  • It solves the disputes and small issues between friends. It builds the comprising idea among friends.

Boggle with Friends

The collection board of random letters, the player needs to form a spell with those letters as possible as within 2min of time, the best score among the players considers as Winner.

The thrilling key points of Boggle with friends Game:

  • The game has multiple scenarios with different modes
  • The Game provided live tournaments
  • We can make joy by playing with our own game without including any tournaments or challenges with friends

Truth Truth and Lie

Two Truths and a Lie game is a best one to know each other much more and which is good Game to understand a person well better. It is a group game.

The player makes three statements about them, and remaining groupmates need to identify the truth and lie statements from those statements.

The Advantages of the Game

  • The Game can be turn into two lies and one truth instead of Two truths and one lie game
  • The game has only text mode transferring of statements.

Checkmate Game

Checkmate game is a game of chess, it involves the moves of the chess coins, and it never has a time limit for making the next movement of your coin in chess. The player who makes checkmate of king is considered as winner.

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WIT Puzzles

WIT Puzzles are the puzzles which we need to arrange the pieces of given photo and every move has a count and at the end of game after arranging the photo, the opponent must provide another photo

To check the count both the players and who takes less moves to arrange the photo, is the winner.

Best features of the Game:

  • We can make simple and complex photos in the Game
  • We can create our interested photos for arranging it for our opponent.

Bubble Bob

Bubble Bob is a game which may look like a candy crush game, similar color balloons are collected, and we pop it before the screen fills with the full of balloons.

Cup pong

Cup Pong game is considered as a shooting game, the Cups are arranged, and we need to hit the cups until no more cup present on the table, this is the funniest game which we can play with our friends.

Mario Run

It is the most attractive game for younger ones and elder ones. The game has created with full of graphics and the Mario runs and make jumps according to the path it moves.

The game has multiple levels, and it is mainly based on saving the life of a princess and reaching a destination visualize completion of level.

Pool Mini

Pool Mini is a game which looks like an 8-ball pool, we need to goal or hit the ball to turn out into a hole of the game table or game board.

These are the best games of iMessage in 2023, which can be accessed by the iPhone and iPad Users.


This is how you can play iMessage games by just simply sitting at home by making fun with your family and friends. Also the best games discussed but these are as per ratings and reviews among the games available. You can play any of the game available in iMessage app as per your choice and interest.

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