iMessage Doesn’t Say Delivered On iPhone or iPad – Find & Fix Error Now


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If you send a message to a recipient from iMessage in your iPhone or iPad. If it is doesn’t show the delivery status, there are several reasons. The reasons and solutions or possible methods to that issue as given below in detailed information. Please take a look and resolve your issue.

iMessage doesn’t say delivered

The iMessage Not Saying ‘Delivered’ issue refers to a situation when you send an iMessage from your iPhone or iPad, but you do not see the ‘Delivered’ status in the message.

Normally, when an iMessage is successfully sent to the recipient’s device, you will see a ‘Delivered’ indication below the message in the iMessage conversation.

How to Fix iMessage
How to Fix iMessage

If you are facing this issue, it means that the ‘Delivered’ status is not showing for your messages. If you are facing this issue, it means that the ‘Delivered’ status is not showing for your messages.

Why is my iMessage not saying delivered

The recipient may receive the message or may not be receive the message, and you are unable to confirm its delivery status.

The issue will be raised due to several reasons, they are given below.

  1. Due to Network connectivity problems.
  2. Incorrect imessage settings.
  3. Issues with the recipient’s device like out of reach or power off or don’t have any active internet connection.
  4. Because of their device in DND (Do Not Disturb) mode.
  5. Because of your insufficient internet.
  6. Due to Technical glitches.
  7. Due to Turning off your ‘send as SMS’ option.
  8. Sending to wrong number or blocked by recipient.

How to Fix iMessage Doesn’t Say Delivered

If your iMessage is not showing the ‘Delivered’ status in your iPhone or iPad like hidden alerts, you can try the following steps to resolve the issue.

  1. Without a proper connection, iMessages may not be delivered. Please check your Internet connection, if you don’t have a internet please connect that.
  2. If the recipient has an iPhone, but their device is not connected to the internet, your iMessage may not be delivered. To resolve this issue, Turn on ‘Send as SMS’ option on your device.
  3. Once check the Recipient’s Contact Information, you have the correct phone number or email address saved for the recipient. If it is incorrect contact please change into correct.
  4. Check iMessage Settings and your Apple ID or phone number is selected under Send & Receive option.
  5. Restart the iMessage app or your iPhone/iPad. Due to this can resolve temporary glitches.
  6. Sign out and Sign in back into your Apple ID with your login ID credentials and check if the iMessage delivery status is working properly or not.
  7. Check for the software Updates and do update if it is available.

If you didn’t get any solution from the following above methods, you can contact to Apple Support for further assistance at https://discussions.apple.com/thread/251570415.

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