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Get detailed information on SBI HRMS and know Who can use SBI HRMS Portal, banks associated with SBI HRMS, it’s services and process for How to login into SBI HRMS followed by some FAQs…

State Bank of India is the largest bank in India which provides various services to customers through their numerous services. The services are now being provided with a third SBI portal that makes customers very easy to communicate with their respective accounts.


The SBI HRMS is a portal which has been designed for the employees who are working with the bank or have retired. Thus it makes them easier to quickly get their employee details and other details viewed from the online platform.

SBI HRMS is restricted to only their permanent employee, as being a banking sector it works in a secure way to provide better service. All employees who are working in different groups of SBI branches can use the same HRMS portal to check their employee details.

This is one of the important things that one should have to look before knowing much details about the SBI HRMS. Only these listed pros will be able to access the SBI HRMS and access its services.

  • Employee of SBI Group working in different branches
  • Retired Employee who has service SBI
  • Controller, who manages every information in SBI HRMS
  • Staff of allied post as per their designation

How many SBI Banks associated with SBI HRMS

There are lists of banks which do use similar SBI HRMS. As the State Bank of India, now merged with various state banks that were differently working in states.

  • State bank of Hyderabad which is in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Region
  • State Bank of Travancore in Kerala Region
  • SBM (State Bank of Mysore) in Karnataka region
  • State Bank of Karnataka
  • State bank of Jaipur and Bikaner in Rajasthan region

HRMS SBI Services

There are numerous services that State Bank of India does provide and here is a list form which you can know what exactly the uses of SBI HRMS.

Track Loan Status: employees can check their personal loan status by logging with their details. This way they can directly access and update required details. The whole process will be online, even the document collection.

Generate Payslip: Employees can get their payslip generated anytime by using their respective login credentials. In this way employees will know how much is going to creat as their salary before a day prior to their salary.

View Pension Plan: If you’re a retired employee, then you can check your pension plan. Also know how much you have saved or exactly the payment that you will receive monthly. These will allow them to check exact information and allow you to update documents every year once.

Check Account Balance: know your account balance directly with your SBI login credentials. Also update it as your saying or earned amount. These can also done with the internet banking credentials, as these one service is common for employees and customers.

Online complaint: Register complaints directly from SBI HRMS. It will view by the compliance team and will get back to you in quick time. These will ensure that no employee will struggle during their employment period in SBI.

View complaint Status: Get updates on your complaint and raise for any grievance with the employment. In this way you will know where your complaint is now and can work on it as suggested.

Fund Nomination: As SBI HRMS does always give an access for Funds nomination. It will be for helping the needy groups who do have linked with the account. In this way, SBI tries to hold their employees with every social work that is working in the society.

SBI holidays: Employers can check their bank holidays from the SBI HRMS. Through which they can directly plan for future holidays and as well know how many leaves they are left with. These make their vacation plan easier with exactly knowing when the bank is not operating.

View Employee Salary and Increments: Employees can know their salary. As we know when they will given the next increment or check. That how many times their salary has increased in the past.


These login options will only be for the SBI working employed or retired one. Thus here is the detailed process which allows you to access the SBI HRMS.

  1. Open official site of SBI HRMS

    Visit the official website of SBI HRMS using its official link

  2. Click on Login

    Here tap on Login button at the top right corner of page

  3. Enter employee credentials

    Now provide your employee credentials as asked in login page

  4. Answer security question and Tap on login

    Enter your security question and then click on login button

That’s it, Once your details verified, you will allow to access the SBI HRMS page with your details. Here you can check your details and can make changes if anything changes required.


The main aim of the SBI HRMS is to bring an easy way to employ to communicate with the organisation. Here are some basic things based on which the SBI HRMS portal has designed. This is an one stop to employees to check their details. As SBI takes hold of below given information in their human resources management system portal.

Capital Management, Performance Appraisals, Competency Assessment, Career Development, Succession Planning, Property Management, Access to All activities, Check Payslips, recruitment programs, promotional scheme, information about onions and more.

  1. Can temporary employees of SBI get access to SBI HRMS Portal?

    No, as per the records only an employee who is employed as permanent will be given access to SBI HRMS. Thus others need to get their details checked through manual process from their respective branch.

  2. Is it possible to download payslip form SBI HRMS anytime?

    The payslip of an employee can be accessed with their SBI HRMS credentials and it can be viewed anytime as per their convenience using their credentials.

  3. Can an employer change their details in SBI HRMS?

    Yes, there are options to edit their personal details and other information to get their updated information saved in the portal. Any changes done will be verified with an OTP sent to your registered mobile number.

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