How to Pair Beats Earbuds and Fix Pairing Issues


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Let us discuss the simple methods how to pair beats earbuds and find the multiple fixes arises while connecting with devices and their solutions are mentioned at the end of article. So carefully go through the article till the end.

Now-a-days, music makes a relaxing mood in any situation, we enjoy our free time by coping with listening to songs. But music takes us to a world of imagination. To own the music better we use Earbuds such as Beats.

The Beats earbuds are good at sound system and feels great while using and it is easy to pair up the device and work smoothly.

How to Pair Beats Earbuds

How to Pair Beats Earbuds with iOS

Here are the simple steps to pair the iOS iPhone/Phone to beat earbuds and use the feature of earbuds at anywhere you want to chill your own free time.

  1. Open the settings app on your iPhone device
  2. Find the Bluetooth option in the settings menu
  3. Turn on the toggle of Bluetooth and check the list of Bluetooth devices which available nearby you
  4. Click on beats wireless option which is available under the My devices
  5. You find the connected pop up beside the beats wireless option after the device gets paired up.

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How to Pair Beats Earbuds with Android

The easy steps are mentioned to pair the beats earbuds with Android device and the enjoy the calling and other features of beat’s earbuds while travelling.

  1. Go to settings app on your Android device
  2. Click on wireless and Network option
  3. Choose the Bluetooth option and enable the option to find the list of nearby Bluetooth devices
  4. Click on pair the new device option
  5. Find the Beats Wireless option from the shown devices
  6. Tap the Beats Wireless and wait for seconds to connect the device.
  7. Once the device is connected then you will find the connected text beside the Beats wireless option.

How to Pair Beats Earbuds with Windows

Check the simple steps to pair the beats earbuds with Windows PC/ Laptop and it is easy to carry the earbuds to any place and it is managing of earbuds is very simple thing.

  1. Start the windows and click on windows icon
  2. Select All settings option in the shown options
  3. Provide the Bluetooth settings in the search field of Windows settings
  4. Click on Bluetooth and other devices settings option
  5. Tap the Add Bluetooth or Other devices option to turn on the toggle of Bluetooth
  6. Then you will the nearby devices and choose the Beats Wireless option
  7. It takes few seconds to connect your Laptop/PC.

How to Pair Beats Earbuds with MAC

The simple method is introduced to pair the earbuds with MAC.

  1. Power on the MAC device and go to System preferences which is available in the Apple Menu, or you can find the option in the Dock also
  2. Tap the Bluetooth option from the list
  3. Choose the beats option which you want to pair up with your MAC device
  4. If your device is connected to earbuds, it will show connected besides the beat’s device name.

How to Put Beats in Pairing Mode

The beats earbuds should be in pairing mode to connect with the devices and before connecting the devices we need to follow some instructions to make earbuds into a pairing mode.

  1. You need to open the lid of the earbuds case of beats
  2. Take the beats earbuds near to connecting devices
  3. Make a long press on the system button until you receive a flashlight on the beats earbuds case.

This method turns on the pairing mode in beats earbuds.

How to Fix Beats Earbuds Won’t Connect to my Device iOS

We may receive some issues with Beats earbuds, and it will lead to not connecting with devices issue. Check the fix’s mentioned below.

  1. Verify the distance between the earbuds and your device
  2. Reset the beats earbuds
  3. Check whether your earbuds connecting with another device or not
  4. Forget your beats earbuds

Verify the Distance between the Earbuds and your Device

As we are aware of earbuds and each model of earbud has their individual pairing distance range and the earbuds should in their mentioned range so that it is easy to connect the device otherwise the earbuds get disconnected.

The range or distance plays a key role while connecting the devices with your device.

Reset the Beats Earbuds

We can solve the issue by resetting the earbuds as soon as possible, and the process is very simple, press the power button simultaneously hold the volume down button for a few seconds. When the LED light gets flash, you need to forcibly rest the earbuds of beats.

  • Check whether your earbuds connecting with another device or not

The earbuds can relate to one device at a time, multiple devices can’t relate to earbuds.

So once check another device whether they connect with earbuds or not, if they are connecting remove the device and try to pair your device with beats earbuds.

Forget Your Beats Earbuds

We have different methods to connect the devices after they removed from the device or if they are not connecting with your device simply follow the instructions discussed below.

iOS device

  1. Go to settings app on your iOS device and select the Bluetooth from the settings menu
  2. Click on your Earbuds name and tap the Forget the device option which is located below on the screen.

MAC device

  1. Click on the logo of Apple and Tap the system preference option
  2. Choose the Bluetooth option from the menu
  3. Find the Beats earbuds option and click on Forget this device option


  1. Find the settings option on windows and choose the Bluetooth & devices option
  2. Search for earbuds and make a right click on the name of earbuds or tap the three dotted symbol
  3. Click on the remove device option


  1. Go to settings option on your device and check the connected devices in the Bluetooth devices list
  2. Search for the earbuds name and tap the forget or unpair option.

These are the simple ways to remove from the device.

How to Get Beats Studio Buds Replacement

Here are the simple steps to get beats studio buds replacement.

  1. Check the warranty of your beat’s earbuds
  2. Check the serial number of your product
  3. Contact the Apple support through your email or customer care to register an issue raised in your earbud
  4. Send your earbuds to nearest Apple service center to verify the issue
  5. Also provide the proof of your purchase to the service center
  6. Then they will provide a replacement of beats studio buds

Through this method you can replace your product and get a new one for a better experience with beats earbuds.

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