How to Reset iPad Without Password


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Are you trying to reset your iPad, and then obviously it is required to authenticate yourself. Apple brings a secure mechanism in their iPhone, iPad and other devices which only allow authenticated activities. Any task to be performed on the iPad does require your passcode and interestingly, having reset your iPad will surely require the password. So, we can understand that you might want to reset iPad without a password but that is something new if you do not have your password right?

Reset option erases all data from devices as well as predefined settings which can be backed up. In case if you don’t backup the iPad, then all the data will be cleaned and the device will be fresh as new. Reset option in iPad has to take after taking twice, as these will completely erase the data which you have saved along with other Applications.

How to reset iPad without Password/ Passcode

There are multiple ways in which you can try to reset your iPad without actually using your password. These methods preferred when you have forgotten your password.

Reset iPad Without Password from iTunes

To reset iPad without password, you can use iTunes Application which installed on your Windows PC or Mac OS device. Connect your iPad with the cable which has come with the device or any compatible cable to connect it with a Windows PC or Mac Device.

  1. Disconnect or Unplug from any other device

    Unplug your iPad and then turn it off by disconnecting it with your computer or Mac.

  2. Power off the iPad device

    Press home button or use volume buttons to power off the iPad device or using slider

  3. Get iPad in recovery mode

    Get the iPad in recovery mode by using the Home button or volume button for long time

  4. Connect it to Computer

    Connect the iPad back to Computer or Mac and locate your iPad on screen

  5. Tap on restore

    Click on Restore button and wait for process to finish

  6. Complete the reset process

    Once reset is complete, disconnect your device and setup as a new

Reset iPad Without Password Using Find My Phone

You can also use Apple’s official Find My iPhone feature to reset the iPad. Using these methods you can reset your device remotely and as well by without having the password.

  1. Go to the official iCloud Website and login with your Apple ID
  2. Click on ‘Find My iPhone’ option and select ‘All Devices’ option
  3. Select your iPad which you want to reset from the device list
  4. Tap on ‘Erase iPad’ option and confirm the section to proceed
  5. In quick time the reset will initiate and make sure to have Wi-Fi connected

Reset iPad Without Password using Trusted Computer

In the past if you have ever trusted the Mac OS device or Windows computer then these can help you have to reset the iPad Reset without password.

  1. Connect your iPad to Trusted Mac OS or Windows PC
  2. Launch the iTunes Application and move to Backup Section
  3. Click on ‘Restore Backup’ option and wait for pop-up message
  4. Tap on ‘Restore’ Button and wait for your device to reset
  1. How to reset iPad without Passcode?

    One of the simple ways is to login to your Mac OS or Windows PC by connecting your iPhone to reset your iPad.

  2. How do I factory reset my iPad without a Passcode?

    Directly on the iPad, you cannot without a passcode do a factory reset but using iTunes by connecting your iPad to Mac OS or Windows PC can help.

  3. How do I reset my iPad without both an ID and Password?

    No, you cannot reset your iPad if you don’t have both the ID and Password.

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