How to Change the Name of Your iPhone (Simple Steps)


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Getting a new iPhone might be pretty exciting because you get to choose an awesome name for your iPhone, its Some might wonder why having a name for your device would be important right?

Well, that is a good question because I sometimes wondered who could care if my iPhone has a default name. But the problem comes when you want to AirDrop something or connect your iPhone to your computer or Mac. Then it just shows your default name which can be confusing a lot of times. In this article, we will learn more about how to name your iPhone along with reasons on why to actually.

Why to Change iPhone Name for Device, AirDrop and BlueTooth

If you have an iPhone, then you would be sharing photos through AirDrop with friends, maybe sometime want to connect to BlueTooth or share your HotSpot too right?

In such cases, your name would need to be unique for either your friends or even you can differentiate. Thus, changing a name on an iPhone is not just for the sake of having a funny or cool one but it makes sense in the long run to have a funny name for iPhone.

How to Name Your iPhone – Rename iOS iPhone AirDrop

Follow the simple steps below which can help you completely change the name on your iPhone.

  1. Open your iPhone and go to the settings option
  2. Then click on the general section and then click on about option
  3. Now click on name and tap on the X button
  4. Then enter a new name and click on done once you are done entering the new name!
  1. What happens if I change the name of my iPhone?

    It would show the new name of iPhone during AirDrop, BlueTooth, HotSpot and more while sharing files, data and more with others.

  2. iPhone name won’t change, What is the issue?

    One of the reasons why the iPhone name won’t change is because it might be too long or unallowed characters are being used.

  3. How to change bluetooth name on iPhone?

    In order to change the BlueTooth name on iPhone, you just have to change the device name on your iPhone.

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