How to Get Airtel Fiber Connection in Online & Offline


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Thinking about to have a new connection of Airtel Fiber. Just check the complete guide to get it through online and also through the Airtel store…

Airtel Fiber is now one of the most preferred broadband and Xstream services for the customer. The combo plans which include the Airtel Fiber, Airtel Fiber Xstream and an option to add multiple Airtel numbers for monthly recharge have attracted customers to get an Airtel Fiber connection.

Airtel Fibre does also provide free modem for the customers who have chosen combo or selective plans. Having the Airtel Fibre Connection is quite similar, as they get the connection setup within 48 to 72 business hours. Explore yourself with Airtel Fiber plans and also get the selective OTT subscription free with your plan.

There are multiple ways through which customers can get the Airtel Fiber Connection setup. The connection setup doesn’t require many details as Airtel Fiber connection only asks for an active number and one residential proof.

How to Apply Airtel Fiber Connection Online

Here are the steps to get the Airtel Fiber connection through the official website.

  1. Visit official site of Airtel

    Go to the official website of Airtel Fiber from airtel.in official URL link

  2. Tap on Buy Broadband

    Click on ‘Buy Broadband’ or ‘Buy Xstream’ for setup

  3. Provide your mobile number and your location

    Enter your mobile number and then city to verify the availability of network

  4. Enter required details and choose a plan

    Provide your details and then chose an plan for connection

  5. Executive will reach you shortly

    Proceed with setup and wait until an executive reach back for setup details

Apply Airtel Fiber Connection through Airtel Store

There are Airtel stores available in almost every corner of cities, which help customers to get the Airtel Fiber connection without having an online connection.

  1. Locate and visit the nearest Airtel Store in your area
  2. Get the ticket for Airtel Fibre New Connection in the store
  3. Execute assigned and provide them the details for connection
  4. Chose an plan for Airtel Fibre form the list of plans through voucher
  5. Get the payment done for selected Airtel Fiber plan to confirm
  6. An instant message for new connection will receive in our mobile
  7. An excavation will reach to your address in 72 hours for setup
  1. What you get in free in Airtel Fiber connection?

    You get the free router with your new connection with basic broadband plan of 499. Also they are providing free DTH xstream box in free. By this you can convert your normal TV into a smart TV.

  2. How long executive will take to visit you and install it?

    On a general case, they can reach you before 48 hours and they install your new connection and make it active. All this will complete before 48 hours.

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