Aquiss Broadband Packages for Home and Business


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Whenever, all the requirements need to be fulfilled with the broadband connection comes in the mind of United Kingdom (UK) customers is Aquiss Broadband.

It is a national UK telecommunications provider, founded in 2005 which provides FTTC, FTTP, GPON & Leased lines to the customers in UK. The head office of the same is located in 16 St Johns Street, Bridgnorth wv15 6AG, United Kingdom.

Aquiss Broadband Packages
Aquiss Broadband Packages

Aquis Broadband Packages

Home broadband

Pure Fibre – It’s a FTPP i.e. fibre to premises connection with the benefits of unlimited monthly usage, static IPV4 & static IPVP6 addresses with standardized care. No Installation or extra hidden charges are required.

Hybrid Fibre – The cost of this ultrafasthybrid fibre FTTC technology is mentioned in the given link. It is the most preferred package for gaming, watching, downloading in HD on multiple devices. Consumers can avail the benefits of unlimited monthly usage, static IVP4 & static IVP6 addresses with standardised care.

For Details on Charges, please visit https://www.aquiss.net/home-broadband-packages/

Business Broadband

Pure fibre FTTP – Taking into consideration of business requirements, this superfast FTTP has been launched where the business consumers can avail the benefits of ultimate connectivity across operations & sites.

Hybrid Fibre (FTTC) – This package is ideal for small scale businesses for video conferencing, unlimited downloads & file back-ups. Along with the benefits of unlimited usage the consumer can avail the enhanced care.

Hybrid Fibre & Phone (FTTC) – For the business that includes multiple employees which needs unlimited usage of browsing & file backups, it is the best choice. It provides the unlimited monthly usage.

For more details: please visit https://www.aquiss.net/business-broadband-packages/

The customers can contact the Aquiss company through different methods such as email, telephone or through post. Email is the most desired method to contact according to the employees of Aquiss. All emails are responded back within 4 business hours or less.

The consumers can also contact them by giving a call on Central customer service number which is 01746708090.

The customers will be given 3 options to select on the basis of their query. The posts are also welcomed by them The postal address for the same is – Customer services Aquiss limited, 16 st. John Street, BRIDGNORTH. Shropshire. WV 15 6 AG.

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