How to do Hanging Indent on Word with Simple Process


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The hanging indent mostly used for maintaining a good creative text and highlighted points. Texts are converted into an attractive format like bullet points and stylish formats are utilized by using hanging indent.

Microsoft Word is used for making the simple and complex documents. It is very simple to make a document with different styles of texting and images can be invoke into the documents by using insert option in Microsoft Word.

Hanging Indent on Word

Hanging Indent Word

Hanging indent have great importance in Microsoft Word, for making hanging indent to text follow simple steps mentioned below

  1. Go to Word and select the text from your paragraph which you want to be indent
  2. Tap the Home option in your Word, it presents at the top corner of your screen
  3. Click on the paragraph dialog box, now choose the Indents and Spacing option
  4. Tap Special option and then, select hanging option
  5. By option is used for adjusting the depth of the margin with required measurements
  6. Here, hanging indent is applied by clicking the OK option

How to do Hanging Indent on Word

  1. Select a paragraph from your content and make a right click on it
  2. You will find a paragraph option and remaining steps are same as we followed in previous method
  3. Follow those steps to complete the procedure then the hanging indent applied to the paragraph.

Hanging Indent in Word for indenting the first line of the paragraph

We have a simple process for indenting the first line of the paragraph by using a default option. To do this follow the simple steps given below :

  1. Point the cursor at your paragraph and Go to Home option
  2. Make a right click on Normal style, then choose Modify option
  3. Go with Format option and select the option of Paragraph in the menu shown
  4. Tap on the indent and spacing and now you will find a option of First Line
  5. Click on OK option and again select the OK option

Then, first line of the paragraph is indent successfully.

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How to do Hanging Indent on Word MAC

  1. Choose a text which you want to make a hanging indent
  2. Go to Format option and then Click on Paragraph
  3. Search for indentation option in the menu bar and then Select the hanging option which is available in the special drop down
  4. For adjusting the measurement select the By option and set a required size
  5. Tap the OK option for appealing hanging indent successfully.

These are the simple steps for a MAC, to implement hanging indent to a text.

Hanging Indent in Word on Android Phone

Acquiring the features of hanging indent in MS Word by using Android phone, Follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to new document or existing document in your mobile
  2. Select edit option in MS Word App which is installed in your android phone Tap the view and turn on the Ruler option
  3. Choose the text, to make hanging indent
  4. Drag the ruler to a particular position which is in the shape of rectangle
  5. For indenting Firstline in Android phone, just move the upper rectangle to the left side, then text indenting successfully.

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How to Apply Microsoft Word Hanging Indent to a Style

We can also arrange a hanging indent to a style also, for that you need follow the simple steps discussed below

  1. Go to the Microsoft Word and choose any of the document for indenting the style
  2. Tap on the Home option and you will find different styles of texting in the menu bar
  3. Click on the Normal style and select the modify option
  4. Enter a new name for a style formatting and choose the Format option
  5. Select the paragraph option and Go to special option
  6. There, you will find hanging option and then click on it
  7. Tap the Ok option for completing the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we do any easy method for hanging indent the text?

Yes, we can follow a short method to make hanging indent by using keyboard shortcuts, Select the sentence or lines and press the Ctrl + T.

Does hanging indents have any types

yeah, hanging indents have four types of styles there are right indent, left indent, first line indent, hanging.

What is hanging indent

Hanging indent is a feature which helps you to make different patterns of styles for texts. We arrange important points in a bullets format and by using hanging indent the text can indented, we make a attractive format which makes the user to read comfortably.

What is the actual hanging indent measurement value

The actual hanging indent measurement value is 0.5 and it can be change the sizes and measurement according to the user’s choice.

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