How to do Hanging Indent on Google Docs


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Hanging indent Google Docs works on the adjusting the margins and making the text more effective for eye attractive.

Hanging indent on Google docs turns a text into a particular format, bullet points and important information is highlighted using hanging indent feature.

Google docs mainly focused on making the important texts. Detailed information can be written in the google docs.

The editing of information becomes too easy in the google docs and we will find the different features in google docs like text styles, inserting images and formatting the content in multiple styles.

Now, let us know a special feature of google doc which helps to turn a content into attractive format that is hanging indent.

In this article, we are excited to discuss about how it works and also find the simple steps to implement hanging indent Google docs.

There are three methods to implement hanging indent in google docs

  • Hanging indent using show ruler
  • Using keyboard shortcuts
  • Using options in a Text dialog box
Hanging Indent on Google Docs

Hanging Indent Google Docs using Show Ruler

By using show ruler, we can align the text in right side or left side in the google docs. Easy steps are mentioned below for indenting the text :

  1. Create a google doc with a important or informative information
  2. Choose the text which you want to be indent
  3. Just make a right click on the paragraph then you will found the view option
  4. Tap the show ruler option, then, you will find a triangle symbol
  5. Just move it to left or right in google doc
  6. Except the first line of your paragraph remaining all other lines may be formatted
  7. For indenting first line of your paragraph, Move the rectangle symbol shown above the ruler to a required position then the first line also be indent

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How to do Hanging Indent on Google Docs using Keyboard Shortcuts

By using keyboard shortcuts we can easily indent the paragraph and it is less time taking procedure, let’s see the simple steps

  1. Create a google doc with any content
  2. Find any important paragraph in your content
  3. At the end of first line of your paragraph or any line of the paragraph place the cursor near to the information you want to be indent
  4. Click SHIFT + ENTER and then press the TAB option in your keyboard or Click RETURN + ENTER option and then press TAB Button in your keyboard

These two procedures helps you to make hanging indents in your google docs using keyboard shortcuts.

How to do a Hanging Indent on Google Docs using Options of Text Dialogue Box

  1. Go to google docs and open new or existing document
  2. Select the paragraph
  3. Check the format option in the menu and click on it
  4. Select the align & indent option and tap any indentation options
  5. In dialog box you will found a special indent and select the drop-down menu and then click on hanging option in it
  6. Here you can make required measurement to be indent or enter the exact size to be indent the information
  7. Click on apply option

Then, it is successfully completed the hanging indent in google docs.

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How to do a Hanging Indent on Android Phone

For accessing google docs in mobile, we need to install an app of Google Docs

  1. Go to the DOCS app for creating hanging indents
  2. You need to select a document
  3. Add the content to it if needed ,otherwise leave it
  4. Choose a paragraph from your content to make attractive by using hanging indent
  5. for making indent Initially place the cursor before the chosen paragraph
  6. Click the return button in your android phone, then you will find a letter on top of your screen “A”
  7. Tap on it after you will find the option of right indent under paragraph section

How to Create Google Docs Hanging Indent on iPhone

Hanging indent also be access in the iPhone and it is same as android mobile which is we already discussed in the above segment

The same steps are also applicable for accessing hanging indent of google docs on android.

It is the alternate Method for Making google docs hanging indents. To do this just follow the simple steps that discussed below :

  1. Go to google docs and select the paragraph Tap on the File option
  2. Click on the page setup option
  3. Tap the format option then select the double option
  4. You will find left indent and click on it, then the paragraph indented successfully
  5. It is also a method for hanging indenting google docs

Hanging Indent Google Docs for MAC

Yes, it is mostly same as the windows and the easy steps are mentioned below

  1. Go to format option
  2. Select the align & indent.
  3. Click on indent options
  4. tap special indent.
  5. click on hanging, and the hanging indent applied to the text successfully in MAC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we Check the word count in Google Docs

Yes, you can check the word count in the google docs and it is very simple process by using keyboard shortcuts. We can find the word count Ctrl+Shift+C

What is Hanging Indent in Google Docs

It is feature mainly sed for aligning the lines and making the texts more eGective and the formats also be managed by the hanging indent feature.

Any shortcut available to insert the hanging indent quickly

Yes, we have a shortcut, which is very useful to complete the task in a less time. The simple shortcut is Shift+Enter after that click on tab button then you will apply hanging indents instantly.

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