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Check complete information about the Green Trends Beauty Salons in India. Just go through Services and Prices provided by them and guide for how to launch Green trends Beauty saloon in India…

In India we have seen a growing likeness for having better hair and beauty which are now being empowered by unisex salon across the nation and of the growing one out of all is Green Tends beauty salons which is a Chennai based company, owned by Trends in Vogue PVT LTD company which is their parent company.

NameGreen Trends
Official Sitemygreentrends.in
ServiceBeauty Salons

Green Trends beauty salons in India have grown to the extent that you can find their franchise location near to your location in your area, region or city as well. That is due to their personalized hair and beauty services that they provide and moreover with the luxury of good and better infrastructure also.

You will essentially need to book an appointment by visiting their official website or simply by calling their customer care number that helps with booking appointments. This is essentially important because they have bookings and it is better to have booking than to wait for your turn if you visit your nearest Green Trends beauty salon.

Green Trends Near Me

  1. Visit mygreentrends.in
  2. Click on Appointment
  3. Allow Location on your browser to find your area salon automatically or else you have to enter location manually
  4. Select the Nearest Location from dropdown
  5. Choose Gender and Category and confirm booking.

Green Trends Beauty Salons Services and Prices

You can find out the different prices for each service that offers by the Green Trends Beauty Salons.

Book Appointment: No Cost

  1. Visit official Site of Green Trends

    You can go to Green Trends services and prices page from here https://www.mygreentrends.in/our-services-men/

  2. Click on Selected Service

    Click on your selected service for example Haircut & Styling

  3. Price Table will be shown

    Then the prices table for Haircut & Styling will be shown

Similarly you can click on other services and the piercings under each for their respective service from the table that provides the pricing.

How to Launch Green Trends Beauty Salon?

If you have visited any of your nearby Green Trends beauty salons, then you might see that this is a lucrative business for the ones with heart and mind in the beauty business and launching a franchise outlet of Green Trends might seem like a good idea for some too.

In order to get a call back from the Green Trends beauty salon business division. You can fill in for a salon franchise from their official page from here https://www.mygreentrends.in/own-a-salon/.

Before you apply, you should also know more about Green Trends franchise cost. It ranges from somewhere around 32 lacs to 55 lacs depending on the type and the size of the salon. With other criteria that can alter the price like location, city and more.

  1. Who owns Green Trends?

    The Green trends is owned by the Trends in Vogue PVT LTD company which is located in Chennai as headquarters.

  2. Is green trends an Indian company?

    Yes, Green Trends is an Indian company because the parent company that owns the company is located in Chennai, India as their headquarters.

  3. Is Green Trends net worth?

    Green Trends has not released any of their financial online so there is not accurate net worth that we can consider.

  4. What shampoo do they use in green trends?

    The use of shampoo in Green Trends changes but one of the most used shampoo is Loreal Professional Shampoo.

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