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Fashion is now one of fastest growing industries in the world, where the trends for Women Clothing Catalogs are changing at a quick pace, and the business scrambles can only be won with the best of the marketing plans.

If we talk particularly about fashion, fashion catalogs help companies in the long run. There are different types of catalogs in the market. Each company chooses the catalog as per its needs and desires.

While designing the catalog, we have to think of its layouts, the photographs to be used, the information to be displayed, you want it to be ready to print or web-ready, etc.

Women Clothing Catalogs
Women Clothing Catalogs

Here I’m discussing a few common types of catalogs that are used by companies for selling different types of fashion clothings for women

Classy and Elegant

This type of catalog uses only one product style on a full page. In content, shots are given with the product or the garment. Eg. Bellerose catalogue.

Casual Catalogue

This type of catalog shows two product layouts. The first page usually contains a still-life image on the full page. While the 2nd uses the same photo in a smaller version. We can say cross-style photo. The photo also includes the item code and the name of the garment as well. See River Woods catalogue for example.

Notable Backforund

In this type of background, the catalog is divided into two categories. One page is dedicated to every type of clothing. Usually, the page contains a full-size image and some small images in which the same product is shown from different angles.

2 images in a row or three images in a row can be seen. The product code and the name of the item are also displayed. See Taifun Catalogue for example.

Linear and detail

This is a technical type of catalog. A table of contents is included on the page which contains the category is like tops, bottoms, outliers, and accessories. The catalog also tells about the technology used in the manufacturing of the garments and also the style number.

The colors of the products available are also indicated. A size table is also included. The catalog usually ends with the woman’s body measurements.

Fashion Magazine Catalog

This catalogue resembles a fashion magazine. We can divide the page into three main parts- in content shots, an opening line, content boxes containing a brief description of the item, its name, price, size, colors, material from which it is made, etc.

Eye catching catalogue

It is usually a complex type of catalog in which various types of images are included.It contains still-life pictures, content short, product information,product code, prize, color,and icons showing specific features of the product. Sometimes direct links are provided with the products which lends you to the e-commerce site main page.

Companies Providing Online Women Fashion Catalogs

Blair catalog

Blair catalog is known for its clothing and accessories, especially for women. It was founded in 1910. It is headquartered in Warren. It is famous for affordable as well as comfortable fashion. They also sell items for home like bedding, décor, household essentials, etc.

They prepare mail-order catalogs. They are the online retailer based in US. One can request a Blair catalog to be mailed at home. The catalog can be accessed online. The catalog contains information about the types of product, material from which it is made of, size, promotional offers available, etc. 

Sundance catalog

Sundance catalog includes artisanal and handcrafted items.  It was founded in 1989 and named on a resort in Utah ‘Sundance Resort’. Robert Redford (an actor) was its founder. Their catalogue contains a sort of blend of contemporary styles, vintage and bohemian fashion.

In addition to the fashion related things it also offers home décor items like rocks kitchenware, bedding, lighting etc.

They prepare printed as well as an online catalogue of their products which are available through the Sundance catalogue website. The catalogue contains high quality images providing detailed product description about the item as well as the artisan or designer.

Garnet Hill

It was founded in 1976. It is based in New m, US. Garnet hillfocuses on the exceptional craftsmanship. They provide timeless designs. Provides endless range of products for homes and fashion.

The clothing line of the Garnet Hill usually contains casual and comfortable apparel. They also offers swimwear and shoes. You can rely on them for the use of quality material and tasteful design for each and every item.

The catalogue of the Garnet Hills contains detailed description of the product, high-quality images, and size charts. Their catalog can be accessed online.

Coldwater creek

Cold water Creek focuses on the relaxed fashion. It was founded in 1984 and is based in Idaho, US.  It offers easy to wear designs. Their catalogue contains a wide range of clothing varieties like pants outerwear, skirts, sweaters, dresses as well as handbags.

In their catalogue they provide detailed description of the size of the product, the type of the product and the material. Styling tips are also provided to help customer make informed choices. It is a retail company known for its online sales through the catalog.

Boston proper

Boston proper Properompany founded in 1992 in USA. It is based in Florida. It operates through their online store and catalog.

It is known for its sophisticated designs of fashionable clothes for women. Their collection includes tops, bottoms, swimwear,jewellery, shoes, clothing,active wear and accessories.

The brand includes many feature in their catalogs for all their products like their colors, unique pattern, trendy details etc.

To make an informed purchasing decision it provides high quality images. Their collection is categorized in different categories like trends, specific styles, occasions, etc.

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