AirPlay on iPhone

AirPlay on iPhone or iPad to Stream Video or Mirror Screen


AirPlay is a powerful feature developed by apple. Airplay on iPhone or iPad allows video, audio, and mirror screen of ...

ChatGPT Directly

How to Access ChatGPT directly in Google Docs, Sheets, Gmail


ChatGPT is an AI language model developed by OpenAI. ChatGPT interacts in a conversational way, making it possible for it ...

Android Auto

Android Auto Coolwalk – How to Enable, Fix and Get APK


Android Auto Coolwalk is a new interface for Android Auto. It features a split-screen layout that shows navigation, music, and ...

VIM Search for Word

VIM Search for Word for all Occurrences


If you either use the VIM editor or Vi Editor then follow the below guide which will simply guide you ...

How to tell If Someone Blocked You on Snapchat

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Snapchat


Let’s have more details about snapchat and check the simple steps about how to know if someone blocked you on ...

How to Pair Beats Earbuds

How to Pair Beats Earbuds and Fix Pairing Issues


Let us discuss the simple methods how to pair beats earbuds and find the multiple fixes arises while connecting with ...

How to Fix Alexa Not Working

Fix Alexa Not Working (Different Issues Resolved*)


Fix Alexa Not Working for different services line not responding voice commands, not steaming music, not connecting to WiFi, Calling not working, Finding Bluetooth devices.

Wireless Android Auto Adapter

Best Wireless Android Auto Adapter in 2023


From advanced voice commands to streamlined navigation, from hands-free communication to access to your favourite entertainment apps, these wireless Android ...

Pluto TV

Pluto.Tv/Activate Code to Activate Pluto TV on Your Device


Download and install the Pluto TV app on your device from the app store or the website. Activating PlutoTV will let you access more features and content, such as personalized recommendations, watch history, and setting.

iMessages Group Chat

How to Leave iMessage Group Chat with New Steps


iMessage group conversations have permeated every aspect of contemporary communication and you may also know how to leave imessage group ...