to Activate Bravo TV on Any Device

Bravo TV is a cable television network in the United States and is the source for activation. The TV features original programming related to food, fashion, beauty, design and pop culture. It is owned by NBC Universal and was launched in 1980 as a channel dedicated to film and the performing arts. Some of

How to Rotate Screen on iPhone or iPad for Unlimited Screen View

Own an iPhone and want to do a cool trick with it? If yes, then you are on for a ride to learn more about how to rotate Screen on iPhone or iPad simply, but before we actually get into learning about you might wonder why we need to rotate the screen from the normal

How to Right Click on a Chromebook with 4 Features

Learn lot of simple methods to perform how to Right click on a Chromebook. Just check the multiple ways to right click and guide to do this followed by features of chromebook… A right-click on a Chromebook is a mouse action that allows you to access additional options or commands on your device. It is

WhatsApp Video Call Share Screen on Phone and PC

The widely used messaging software WhatsApp offers a function called WhatsApp Video Call Share Screen that enables users to make live video calls to their friends as a group with some interactive features. It allows users to see and speak to each other in real-time using the front-facing cameras on their smartphones Improving communication and to Activate BET+ on Streaming Devices

BET plus is a streaming service that offers exclusive content from BET Networks, Tyler Perry Studios, and other black creators, and with, you can watch original shows, movies, documentaries, stand-up specials, and more on BET+. The service costs $9.99 a month and is ad-free. To watch BET plus on any device, you need to

Activate Bally Sports on Any Device using

Involves a few steps to link your device to your Bally Sports subscription to to Activate Bally Sports on all devices using Bally Sports is a network of regional sports channels in the United States, offering coverage of various local and regional sports events. It provides live broadcasts, pre-game and post-game analysis, and sports-related

AirPlay on iPhone or iPad to Stream Video or Mirror Screen

AirPlay is a powerful feature developed by apple. Airplay on iPhone or iPad allows video, audio, and mirror screen of your iPhone or iPad to compatible devices such as Apple TV or AirPlay-enabled smart TVs. When you want to watch a movie, play a game, showcase a presentation, or simply share moments with friends and

How to Access ChatGPT directly in Google Docs, Sheets, Gmail

ChatGPT is an AI language model developed by OpenAI. ChatGPT interacts in a conversational way, making it possible for it to answer follow-up questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests. Once you integrate ChatGPT with Google Docs and Sheets, there is no stopping. The AI tool has been instrumental in the

Android Auto Coolwalk – How to Enable, Fix and Get APK

Android Auto Coolwalk is a new interface for Android Auto. It features a split-screen layout that shows navigation, music, and smart suggestions on the same screen, making it easier to access the most important apps and features while driving the car in the infotainment system. Android Auto Coolwalk Android Auto Cool walk is also known

VIM Search for Word for all Occurrences

If you either use the VIM editor or Vi Editor then follow the below guide which will simply guide you on the steps in order to perform VIM search for word in different occurrences. If you use any of these operating systems such as Linux, Unix or Mac OS X? If yes, then you might