Android Auto Coolwalk – How to Enable, Fix and Get APK


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Android Auto Coolwalk is a new interface for Android Auto. It features a split-screen layout that shows navigation, music, and smart suggestions on the same screen, making it easier to access the most important apps and features while driving the car in the infotainment system.

Android Auto Coolwalk

Android Auto Cool walk is also known as Android Auto Split Screen. Split-screen is a key feature of the Coolwalk interface, but it requires app support.

Android Auto

Not all apps can display in split screen mode, and some apps may have limited functionality in this mode. Split-screen mode also lets you switch between two or three panes, depending on your preference and screen size.

It shows the navigation, music, and smart suggestions on the infotainment screen. If you want to get Coolwalk on your device, you need to have the latest version of the Android Auto app installed on your phone and a compatible car or head unit.

It also adapts to different screen sizes and shapes, offering a better experience for various car models.

How to Enable Coolwalk on Android Auto

To Enable cool walk on Android, just follow the below steps elobrated.

  1. Open Play store in your mobile.
  2. Download and install the Android Auto 8.5 beta or later version.
  3. Clear Android Auto cache/data and force close the app. You can do this by going to Settings > Apps > Android Auto > Storage > Clear cache and Clear data.
  4. Reboot your phone.
  5. Launch Android Auto and use the Coolwalk services.

You can also use voice commands to control your apps with Google Assistant.

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Android Auto Coolwalk Update

To update your Android Auto app to the latest version that supports the new Cool Walk interface, you need to join the public beta program for Android Auto. follow the steps.

  1. Open Google Play Store app on your phone.
  2. Search for Android Auto and open it.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and tap on Join the beta section.
  4. Confirm your request.
  5. An update available for Android Auto.
  6. Tap on Update to install the latest beta version of the app.

Once you have updated the app, you can connect your phone to your car or head unit and use the new Android Auto Coolwalk interface. You can also switch back to the old interface by Return to classic mode.

How to Fix Android Auto Coolwalk Not Working

To fix the Android auto coolwalk not working issue, you can try the following steps.

  1. Update the Android Auto app.
  2. Check the Android Auto connection.
  3. Check the compatibility of your phone with Android Auto.
  4. Reinstall Android Auto.
  5. Clear the Android auto app cache.
  6. Check Android Auto compatibility with your car.
  7. Contact Android Auto support.
  8. Clear all data of Google play services.
  9. Uninstall updates of Android Auto disable auto updates.

Android Auto Coolwalk APK Download

Android Auto Coolwalk is a new version of Android Auto that has a redesigned user interface and some new features. Some users have managed to get it by downloading the APK file and sideloading it on their Android devices.

If you want to try Android Auto Cool walk, you will need an APK downloader app that can install third-party apps on Android Auto. Here are some options for you.

  • YTECHB – This is a website that provides the latest Android Auto APK file and a guide on how to install it. You can follow the steps on their website to download and sideload the Android Auto cool walk APK file on your device. You will need a file manager app and a USB cable to connect your device to your car.
  • AAAD – This is an app for Android phones that downloads popular Android Auto third-party apps and installs them in the correct way to have them in Android Auto. You can use this app to download and install Android Auto Coolwalk as well as other apps like CarStream, Fermata, Screen2Auto, etc. You will need to grant some permissions and enable developer mode on your device to use this app.
  • GetDroidTips: This is another website that offers the latest Android Auto APK file and a tutorial on how to install it. You can download the APK file from their website and follow the instructions to sideload it on your device.

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