How to Reset / Activate WordPress Permalink Structure

WordPress Permalink is URLs which are permanent for your pages and posts, through which one can reach from their browser. Any error in these WordPress Permalink does bring Error 404 instead of showing the content on page. This issue is very commonly seen when the URL does get corrupted or the way these have been

ASUS Chromebook – Everything You Have to Know before Buying

Get great featured laptop in affordable price with ASUS Chromebook. Just check complete information about ASUS Chromebook, it’s features, Design and performance followed by storage and pricing… ASUS Chromebook Asus is a well-known brand in the world of technology, and their line of Chromebooks is no exception. Chromebooks are a type of laptop that run IP is an IP address and is a default Internet Protocol for any router that allows one to configure WiFi modem. Router Setting and LAN setting can be done on smartphones rather than PC or Laptop using this IP. There are many advantages of IP as it allows you to change password or any

iTunes for Chromebook Download, Install and Listen by using 3 Ways

Enjoy and listen the Apple iTunes in your Chromebook now. Just check the simple guides to install Itunes in chromebook by using chrome remote desktop, through google play music followed by movies anywhere app… iTunes for Chromebook iTunes is a popular media player and media library application developed by Apple Inc. It is used for

How to Split Screen on Chromebook with Multiple Methods

Complete multiple tasking at a time with the exclusive feature of Split screen in Chromebook. Just go how to Split Screen on Chromebook through various methods and uses to split screen using Built-in feature, Keyboard shortcuts, window snapping followed by with some of third party apps… How to Split Screen on Chromebook Splitting the screen

World’s First Camera for Color & Zooming Technology

Feeling excited to know the World’s First Camera and first photography taken by whom and when. Just check about First photographic camera, color camera, zooming camera followed by some facts about it… First thing that triggers our mind by listening to the word camera is a device comprising of big lenses, battery, buttons and of