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Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is one of oldest and leading telecom industry in India, which has its coverage almost at every remote villages. BSNL does have their individual zonal offices or every state, which looks after their respective customers.

The state specific BSNL circles were established, to ensure that every individual has a proper communication medium with the company. India is a vast county and it has a variety of languages which are spoken differently in each state.

Thus the West Bengal BSNL circle is determined to provide their service to these particular region subscribers in their native language. The packages provided to subscribers of the West Bengal telecom circle are different from other states and might also have changes in amount.

BSNL does provide various services to their subscribers such as prepared communication of mobile, postpaid communication to mobile, broadband connectivity, Bharat fiber net connection and landline services.

All these services will be directly through the BSNL head office, but the recharge packs and amount of subscription to these services will depend on the circle. The West Bengal telecom circle does have their service in their native Bengali language, which makes the subscriber comfortable while contacting the customer care.

The specific number for their customer care service, is available for customers to connect with BSNL. The customer service is available round the clock and will always try to communicate with subscribers in their preferred language.

Subscriber in BSNL, when called to the customer care number, will receive the notification or auto call recorded in English and other language and other preferred language of the customer.

BSNL Customer Care Number
BSNL Customer Care Number

BSNL Customer Care Number

Subscriber can use 1500 numbers form their BSNL network to connect with Landline service related customer service.

Subscriber can use 1800 345 1500 allocated number from BSNL to connect for Landline Service from another network to make the call to customer care.

Subscriber can use 1504 customer care number from BSNL to comment for Broadband related.

Subscriber can use 1800 345 1504 customer care number to communicate about broadband service from other networks.

Subscriber can use 1503 customer care number from BSNL to enquiry about GSM Mobile service.

Subscriber can use 1800 180 1503 allocated number to enquiry about GSM mobile services from other network numbers.

Subscriber can use 1800 425 195 as call center number for MPLS & VPN service related issues.

BSNL has provided the above listed number to their subscribers which can be used when the customer wants to connect with BSNL for their service related issues or concerns. These numbers are provided through – Telecom Consumers complaint redressal to ensure every customer gets proper communication medium to connect with BSNL call center services.

How does Customer care from BSNL Respond?

BSNL service provided to these circle subscribers will be provided in English or Hindi ore regional Language, which can be anytime changed as per the subscriber convenience.

Can I raise a complaint about network slowness in BSNL?

The subscriber of BSNL who have registered for any service, can use the customer service complaint numbers provided to register the grievance. These numbers are available round the clock to provide support to customers in a quick time.

Does BSNL circle have different Plans for subscribers?

BSNL subscribers do have different sets of plans in their respective services. As the package and the language setting will be different from other regions, as the same type of plan will not be accepted or allowed for subscribers of other regions.

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