RLogin Uses and Privacy Issues


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If you are a programmer or someone who works into IT then you might have easily heard about the name RLogin which is a very well known program built to allow someone to access and use a computer over a network.

In simple words, rlogin works on the protocol of TCP 513 and in case if you are using a network with the same TCP settings with rlogin enabled then there are high chances that someone else can access your network without any issues.

Well by now you might have understood that rlogin is a part of the TCP which is Transmission control protocol/ Internet protocol which is basically a set of law around layers on how data can be accessed and transmitted through the Internet.

The reason why TCP/IP has been initiated is to ensure that the data is properly transmitted through the network but most essentially the data should be kept with high privacy.

But the version TCP 513 has rlogin enabled which makes the network of a user very vulnerable as any computer connected to such network can be accessed by others that leaves a huge privacy bug out.

RLogin Uses
RLogin Uses

Is RLogin Useful

Though initially if rlogin is enabled, then the user who is connected to your computer can only execute the tasks that you have enabled them for such as write, delet, edit, read and more.

So, the question comes back to square one whether rlogin is useful now and precisely speaking it is useful only in cases where the network does not need to restrict the interaction between both the client and the host.

So, basically a good example would be a network set for a private company where their users can download, edit or make changes to the files present in the index of the host computer where involvement is necessary.

But in this modern world, the use of rlogin has become less due to its large privacy issues that have been stated clearly.

What are the privacy issues with RLogin

Well one of the reasons why rlogin distribution has been stopped by all UNIX & LINUX is due to its limitations leading to large privacy issues that would create huge issues in this modern world where the data and its usage has become a primary thing.

  • No Encryption: As you know rlogin is used to transmit your data which can also be your passwords, card number and many things that you don’t want others to see. But with this all the data is password without any encryption which makes it hard to use since it’s easy to intercept from others.
  • Remote Login Client Issue: Rlogin as the name suggests is for remote login and in case if you are using an unstable or unknown remote login then someone else can easily reassess your network.
  • Does not authenticate: If rlogin is launched over a network or a remote client then it does not check for any authentication as to know if the remote machine is trusted or not which makes your privacy easy to breach.

All of these things make rlogin as thing of the past but there are different commands and service along which you can make this work but that can take time.

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