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What is SBI eLearning Gyanodaya

State Bank of India is well known to be India’s largest banking service with the most number of employees working. Since this is a government owned entity the employees find themselves in a relatively organized position throughout their future career allowing them to well advance in the SBI organization itself.

So, the SBI in order to ensure the future growth of their employees have come up with the education and learning development platform SBI eLearning.

This portal allows all their employees to register themselves with their company details and they can learn from this portal in different aspects of banking requirements that can help their future growth.

SBI eLearning portal is now one of the India largest learning portals built for the banking sector learning through online. In the same aspect they have built more than 47 learning and 5 apex institutes in India to ensure that the employees who can learn offline and provide their certification example without any issues as well.

But more importantly, there are more than 300 plus learning lessons that can be taken up by any employee while 30 of those lesions are created by Harvard Business School.

So learning should never stop has become a massive motto for SBI which is why every employee like you can use your SBI account user id and password to access your learning portal directly. In order to do so you may go through the instructions below.

SBI e Learning Gyanodaya
SBI e Learning Gyanodaya

SBI eLearning Gyanodaya Login

  1. First open the SBI eLearning website from https://egyanshala.sbi.co.in/
  2. Enter your SBI HRMS credentials like user ID and password
  3. Enter Captcha code
  4. click on the login option
  5. After that click on the login option and you will be able to access SBI eLearning Gyanodoya account.

Why was SBI Gyanodaya renamed to SBI eLearning egyanshala for Learning & Development

If you are an SBI employee who is returning to check why the SBI Gyanodaya or eGyanshala is not on the website anymore then the reason is because its name has been renamed to eLearning Gyanodaya for Learning and Development.

Yes, the previous name is only changed to the present learning and development to provide younger SBI employees with more context setting to what this platform has to offer them in the sense of education and growth in their career with State bank of India.

Only the name has been changed and all the learning options, website, features are still the same which makes it easier for everyone to educate without being worried about the change in the name.

SBI eLearning – Benefits of Learning & Development

Since State Bank of India is a large organization with lakhs of employees spread across the nation, it has become an important thing for every employee to enrich themselves with more knowledge.

The simple reason is that in order to gain promotions in your career you need experience but the same time you also need continuous learning along with certification to validate your hard work and knowledge.

Why is learning has been given such important and as an organization SBI would always want all their employees to learn and grow which will further advance their organization growth in the future. That is why SBI has come up with two benefits of this program which are.


Promotions are noy only based on your experience but also depend on how much knowledge you have gained. So, if you have more certifications than your peers then there are high chances that you would be selected for the promotion. SBI has made it mandatory that all their employees should have at least one certificate before they apply for promotion.


If you have completed learning any module or lesson among the available ones then you will have to answer questions related to what you’ve learnt. So, if you score above the points required for a certificate then you will be awarded with a certificate as a validation of your knowledge in that module.

But in order to ensure that all the different types of employees in the SBI are provided with the same learning opportunities and certification they are divided into two types.

  • Award Staff: The employees who are not in the list of the office live
  • Officers: The employees from scale level 1 to 5

SBI e Learning Certification with Promotion Level

If you want to apply for promotion then you need to have a particular certification required which is mentioned below.

Type of Employee LevelLevel of PromotionRequired Certification
Award StaffOfficer CadreCP – Associate Certification
Scale Level 1Promotion to Scale Level 2RBI Mandated and External
Scale Level 2Promotion to Scale Level 3RBI Mandated and External
Scale Level 3, 4, 5Scale Level 4, 5, 6RBI Mandated and External

Certification Types by Authorities for SBI

The main goal of this program is to provide the employees of State Bank of India with certification that is used for their future promotions and the fact that someone has been awarded a certificate means of great respect and validation.

It is so because the time and worth put in to earn the certificates by the employees is on an immense level as they also have to take care of every day work while acquiring new knowledge to gain the certification.

So there are basically two types of certificates that are provided by the SBI which are.

Internal Certificates

The certification examination and process which is completely helped and then awarded by the SBI itself is called an Internal certificate.

External Certificate

The certification examination along with the whole procedure is monitored and then awarded by the RBI is called as external certificate.

One of the key reasons why SBI employees are encouraged to even complete external certificates by RBI is to gain further knowledge and learn more about the experience from organizations outside the SBI resulting in better exposure that helps to gain promotions.

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