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As we all know that Apple is famous for it’s security and strong anti-virus protection and also provides best privacy features. If the topic comes to installing any app or software into the Mac, it is only possible to install the apps that verified by macOS.

If you try to install any app that app developers unregistered from MACOS software, then it is possible to get a error message like cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified.

Not only that particular message, if you want to install unrecognized app that is unavailable in App store or the app developer unregistered with macOS. Let’s see the similar error messages that indicates same problem are

  • macOS cannot verify that this app is free from malware
  • “Name of the App” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified
  • “Name of the App” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.
  • Your security preferences allow installation of only apps from the App Store and identified developers.
Fix MAC Error

Cannot be opened because developer cannot be verified

Apple has a very active services that protects their users to prevent attacks from the malware. It contains Developer ID system service and one of the best review process to check App’s details and to verify it’s quality.

Any app have to apply for review process to get place in App store. Then apple verify the developers of the app and possibility of malware attacks that effected from the app. If that app is proved to use completely safe, Apple approved it to install from App store.

So simply when you install a app that not verified by Apple, then you get a error message as a precaution that it may be harmful to install that app.

If the app developer is registered also, there will be a possibility to get error again. Because that app may not be reviewed by Apple. So let us know the process to fix this error i.e. the application cannot be opened mac

How to fix the issue “MACOS Cannot be opened because developer cannot be developed”

There are some simple methods to fix this issue on mac. Let’s check what are the ways to fix this issue :

  • Check for newer version
  • Check for alternate version
  • Override the Security settings
  • Bypass the security and privacy settings
  • Install the app through Safari

So follow detailed steps for each method to fix this error

Check for newer version of the app

Incase the app that you want to install may contains newer version then Apple shows error for installing it, So just search for any newer version available and install that app instead of the app showing error.

Check for alternate version of the app

If the app that you want to install is blocked or restricted by Apple from installing, you just need to find an alternative app that contains same features that available for the app you are searching for. So, go to App store and find the alternative version and just install it.

Override your Security settings

If you aware of the app developer and you trust their software and applications, then just override the error and install it on your mac. To override Apple’s Security setting and the error to install it, just follow the below steps :

  • Open app finder and locate it
  • Right click on the app that you want to install
  • Click on open option from the drop down
  • Tap on open for security alert

After doing this, you will done bypass for the app and you can easily install it.

Bypass the Security and Privacy settings

By changing the security and privacy settings of your mac to install app from unknown source or unverified developer. To do this just follow the steps

  1. Open Apple menu and tap on System Preferences
  2. Click on Security & Privacy option
  3. Go to General tab
  4. Tap on lock icon present on left bottom of the screen
  5. Enter your Username and password and Click on Unlock
  6. Choose App Store and Identified developers option
  7. Find the app you want to install and click on open anyway

Install the app using Safari

If you try to install the unverified app using other web browsers like Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox, then there will be a error message. So download the app using Safari browser to get rid of error restriction.

  1. Delete the app that you already installed from any other browser
  2. restart your PC
  3. Open Safari web browser and search for the app you want to download
  4. Download the app on your PC and once check it running that app

Note : If you again get the error message on running the app, then try to perform bypass security and privacy settings or override your security settings that we already discussed in previous steps.

What is the meaning of unidentified developer on Mac

If you are trying to install the app from a unrecognized developer on mac, then it shows a error message Cannot be opened because developer cannot be developed. Main reason of this is the apple has the developer ID system and app review system to protect their users from malware. To fix this, follow some bypass security settings process if you trust the developer and ready to install.

How to do phone number verification of My Apple ID on Mac

Open any browser on your Mac and go through this link appleid.apple.com. Click on Sign in option and enter your Apple ID login details to sign in. Select edit option from security section. There you can Add a trusted phone number and follow on screen instructions to edit and verify your new mobile number.

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