ISTG Meaning and Exact Usage of ISTG


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ISTG meaning or stands for I Swear to God, an acronym which is special one for expressing a serious statement and an incredible, unchangeable words are defined in situation using ISTG.

Learn what ISTG meaning and check how to use the ISTG in different situations, let’s have a look at where the usage of ISTG is not required for expressing the statements.


ISTG Meaning

ISTG have a lot of usage in our daily common life for making most important statements

  • To make a strong promise to change in behavior or habitual habit. We use the acronym phrase I Swear to God
  • It helps to express an unchangeable opinion on the incident whether it concludes true or False about the situation.
  • Sometimes it is used at making order not to do the Work for a person which you don’t like.
  • We can use ISTG in replacement of Oh my God which provides the same meaning.

Examples of How ISTG used

  • I swear to God, I never made a mistake
  • ISTG, I change my behavior and never make any silly things again
  • This is not done by me, I really swear to God, this is not my fault
  • I swear to God, the doggy was so cute which I saw yesterday in the park.

Like this, we use the acronym of I Swear to God in different situations and in different conditions.

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When you shouldn’t use ISTG

  • In professional conversations we should not use ISTG acronym.
  • When you’re having a conversation between an important person or your higher dignitaries, the word ISTG should not be utilized to express your sincerity towards the work.
  • But you have different words which may give same meaning of ISTG, it can be utilize for a conversation
  • You should avoid the word ISTG when you are speaking with a religious or spiritual person because it feels out of respect towards their beliefs so, you should not use it.

As we have an idea about ISTG, it is used in some situations where we have common conversation between friends, because it doesn’t affect anyone’s opinion and it doesn’t make anyone hurt. 

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