Fix Netflix Error NW-2-5 on Various Streaming Devices


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In sometimes, we undergo Netflix error NW-2-5, it is defined as a major issue in Netflix App, it is due to Network connection Problem.

Nowadays, we are enjoying our time at home because of the entertainment Apps such as Netflix, Amazon primes and many more, they are becoming routine in our lives.

The Netflix App provides the newly released movies and best Web series which may hold a great time to get free from stress of work.

Netflix Error NW-2-5

How to Fix a Netflix Error Code NW-2-5

As we know the Error Caused of the Netflix App, is mainly the issue between the connection of the device with internet connection.

So, we can solve the issue by using different methods and ways of approaching solving the issue is somewhat different for different devices. Just follow the methods discussed below and use the appropriate one that suits you.

Let’s check the list of simple methods to overcome the issue with the help of DNS settings.

  1. Click on the Try Again option which is shown under the Netflix Error NW-2-5
  2. Restart your device
  3. Check the device whether it is connected to the internet or not
  4. In some devices, we will have a feature to test the internet connection
  5. Restart your Wi-Fi network
  6. Check your DNS settings
  7. Verify your WIFI signal and try to connect your ethernet

With the above steps, you can solve the issue, if not, just check the below each method in a detailed way to resolve the issue permanently.

But if you again see an error code on your code, then you need to approach the internet service provider. Follow the instructions instructed by the internet service provider, it may solve your issue.

Restart device for avoiding Netflix Error code

  1. If your device is in sleep mode then you need to completely shut down the device
  2. Sometimes we must unplug the device for, a minimum of 2 mins of time.
  3. Plug in the device and make it restart
  4. It makes the device reactive functions or refreshes the devices from the error codes.

Check whether your internet connected or not

  1. As we are knowledgeable in the internet connection settings
  2. In some devices we will have a feature to test the internet connection like video game consoles provides testing feature for internet connection
  3. If the device doesn’t have an option of testing internet connection, then you need to run another Apps rather than Netflix App
  4. The apps are perfect at their functionality with using the internet connection
  5. You need to find the next step to solve your issue with Netflix App Error code.

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Check DNS Settings on device

Here are the simple steps to verify your DNS settings and it may help you to solve the issue.

  1. Go to your PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4
  2. Open your settings
  3. Click on Network option
  4. Go to setup network connections then select custom option
  5. Tap the OK
  6. Choose the Wi-Fi or connect the LAN cable whether you are using ethernet connection
  7. The further process is based on selection of option in the previous step

If you choose WiFi then you need to follow simple steps below

  1. Select the WiFi option and select the Custom option
  2. Go to WLAN and provide the IP Addresses number, we get IP Address by the right click on D-pad
  3. Choose your WIFI connection

By these steps you can connect the WiFi to your device.

If you choose the LAN cable, then follow the simple process to connect the device to ethernet

  1. Choose the custom option and click on Auto-detect option
  2. It provides the IP address
  3. Follow the below steps to continue the process for both WIFI and LAN cable connection
  4. click on Do not specify option
  5. Choose the Automatic option which is in DNS settings
  6. Tap Automatic option which is in MTU settings
  7. Select Do not use option for proxy server
  8. Enable the UPnp then click on save settings option
  9. Tap the test connection option to verify the connectivity of the Internet.

Verification of DNS settings on Xbox 360

The simple method to verify the DNS Settings to connect the internet connection on Xbox 360

  1. Go to Guide option in your controller
  2. Open the settings
  3. Click on system settings
  4. Tap the network settings and choose configuration network
  5. Choose DNS settings and click on Automatic option
  6. Turn off your Xbox 360 and turn it on after a few seconds
  7. Verify your Netflix App if it is working or not after procedure has done

Verification of DNS settings on Xbox one

Follow the easy steps mentioned below to solve the issue using DNS settings on Xbox one

  1. Tap the menu option
  2. Select the settings option and click on system settings
  3. Click on network and choose the network settings
  4. Select Advanced settings
  5. Tap the DNS settings
  6. Click on Automatic option
  7. Tap the B button

Open the Netflix app and verify it working status, check if the issue is solved or not. If the issue is not solved yet, Just follow the method mentioned below

Reinstallation of Netflix App

  1. Delete the App from your device
  2. Install the Netflix App and login to your Account
  3. Check the network connection
  4. Connect it to your device

By this process you can solve the Netflix Error NW-2-5 issue

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