How to Block Emails on Gmail (Block or Report Spam)


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We will take you through a better explanation of how to block emails on Gmail and simple steps for reporting spam mail on different devices like Android, iPhone, and many more.

Gmail is an application, which can we connect people to share information related to work, we get updated marketing mail, and we grab better knowledge about different fields of society.

Sometimes, for accessing any application or website for trapping the information we signup with the website through our Gmail. So, we may receive unwanted mail from the website which may not be useful for further use.

How to Block Emails on Gmail
How to Block Emails on Gmail

Why to Block Emails on Gmail

Most of the mails are related to promotions of marketings adds and they may kill of storage in our device so, we need to block the mails related to Marketing promotions.

The mail from unknown persons or any spam mail is to be blocked to secure our device from any misuse by third parties or hackers. If not, they may be a chance to lose our data.

These are the main reasons to block the emails on Gmail.

How to Block Emails on Gmail on Phone

The process is very similar to the process which we followed for blocking an email address on Gmail. Let’s discuss simple steps to block Emails on iPhone or Android phone.

  1. Go to your Gmail App on your device iPhone or Android
  2. Open the sender’s email to block the mail from sender.
  3. Click on three horizontal dotted symbol option
  4. Select block with sender name in the menu
  5. Tap the block option which is popup on your device screen
  6. Confirm it, through this process we can block the emails from the sender on iPhone or Android mobile.

How to Block Emails on Gmail through Desktop

Here are the simple steps to block the unwanted email address on the Gmail on your desktop.

  1. Open your Gmail in your desktop and login to your account
  2. Go to the email of sender which you want to block the mails from that specific email address.
  3. Click on three vertical dotted symbol option
  4. Select the option [block Sender name], you will get a popup of block option
  5. Tap on block option to confirm.

By this simple process we can block a specific email address on your Gmail.

How to Report Spam on Gmail

Spam mails should be avoided, and the spam mails may be received from the third parties which may be led to risk for us account.

Phishing is a software which may attacks our Account information such as Account credentials and passwords related to our credit cards, any online digital payments information.

The user never clicks on links, which are sent from unknown mails, it may be a chance trapping of your account details and there may be loss of your amount from your bank accounts.

Here is the easy method to Report Spam on any device such as Android mobile or iPhone

  1. Go to your Gmail app in your iPhone or Android mobile
  2. Select the sender email and click on three dotted symbolled option
  3. Choose the Report spam option from the menu

By this method we can report spam to a mail of unknown sender.

How to Email Phishing on Gmail

Here are the simple steps to phishing the Gmail, which may secure data from hackers and third parties.

  1. Select any email on your gmail
  2. Click on vertical three dotted symbol option
  3. Choose the report phishing option
  4. Tap the report phishing message option to confirm the phishing method

The process has been done successfully, the mail is phished, it may secure our data from third parties.

How to Unsubscribe from Mass Marketing Emails on Gmail

The simple steps mentioned below to unsubscribe the mass marketing emails on Gmail.

The simple method followed on desktop

  1. Open your email and select the marketing email
  2. Or select the email which you don’t want any more emails from the Sender
  3. Tap Unsubscribe option which is available besides the sender’s name

By this simple method we can stop or avoid the mails from the marketing promotion or any sender’s mails in future also.

Note: the same steps which discussed in the above method are applicable for mobile also, the user can follow the exact steps on your mobile to unsubscribe from mass marketing emails on Gmail.

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