BSNL SafeCustody Launched for Postpaid GSM Mobile


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BSNL safe custody mobile scheme mandated through TELECOM CONSUMERS PROTECTION (SIXTH AMENDMENT) REGULATIONS, 2013 (2 of 2013) enables a postpaid consumer of BSNL to avoid disconnection by making a request to this effect to BSNL and by paying the charges specified for the purpose. In view of this, the competent authority has decided to introduce safe custody scheme with following conditions

BSNL SafeCustody Mobile

  1. BSNL shall implement a safe custody scheme for postpaid consumers with a special safe custody charge of Rs.50+GST/month. The safe custody charge shall be pro-rated both at activation and deactivation.
  2. BSNL shall not deactivate the cellular mobile telephone connection of a post-paid consumer for non-usage if such consumer makes a request for safe custody of his telephone connection and makes payment of safe custody scheme on monthly or in advance rental form number of month *(Rs.50+GST)].
  3. BSNL shall not charge monthly rental (of active plan before opting the safe custody scheme) from the consumer during the period of safe custody of the cellular mobile telephone connection.
  4. If the post paid consumer of the cellular mobile telephone connection has made payment of advance rent for a specified period, the service provider shall not deactivate the mobile connection of such consumer on the ground of non-usage during the period for which advance rent has been paid.
  5. If the consumer of cellular mobile telephone connection makes a request for restoration of his mobile connection during the period of safe custody, the service provider shall, within twenty four hours of receipt of request, restore his mobile connection.
  6. The customer who wants to opt for safe custody has to give the written application with ID proof. The owner of the connection has to give an application for safe custody personally and application of safecustody not to be accepted from any other person on behalf of the SIM owner.
  7. Safe custody facility is not applicable for Enterprise customers.
  8. If the customer with family connection/ add-on connection/child connection opts for safe custody for parent connection then the customer has to opt for safe custody for the family/ add-on connection/child connection(s) also. However, customers can opt for safe custody for add-on connection/child connection/family connection with parent connection may remain active.
  9. The safe custody option cannot be exercised, if the bill is pending or has already exercised the advance rental option in any other active plan. The above tariff will be applicable w.e.f. 01.12.2022.

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