How to Split Screen on Mac or Macbook for Multitasking


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Split Screen on MAC is a feature that allows you to view two applications or two documents on a single screen or for multitasking. In Mac or Macbook this feature is available in the latest MacOS.

MacOS provides a built-in split screen feature that allows users to easily arrange windows side by side and making it convenient to work with multiple applications simultaneously.

Here to see how to spilt screen on mac for multitasking purpose, by following the different below methods.

Split Screen Mac

How to Split Screen on Mac

The below steps are simple for every MAC user, but have to perform the steps in a format to executive the option in MAC OS

  1. First, Power on your Mac.
  2. Check the macOS is latest or not.
  3. Because, the split view is only supporting the latest macOS 10.11
  4. Hold the pointer over the green fill screen button in the upper left corner window.
  5. Select the window option on which side you want.
  6. Click it and the other half choose the application you want to use simultaneously side by side.

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How to Adjust Split Screen on MAC

After activating the steps above, you can have an option to adjust the Split screen on MAC for different applications up to the requirement below.

  1. Choose two applications to enter the split view.
  2. Once, you entered the split view you adjust the size of the split screen.
  3. By dragging the bar or divider between the two applications or windows.
  4. Move your cursor to the center of the screen, where the divider appears as a vertical line.
  5. Drag the divider to the left or right and make an adjustment between the windows.
  6. If you want to move the windows or swap the windows then, drag on the title bar and move what you want.

How to Use Apps Side by Side in Split Screen MAC

Using the different apps in split screen side by side (Vertical view) or horizontal view on Macbook is easy by following these steps

  1. Hold the pointer over the green fill screen button in the upper left corner windown.
  2. Select the option which side of the screen you want the window on.
  3. On the otherside select the app window you want to use side by side.
  4. If your in an app full screen, you can also enter split view by swiping up with your fingers.

Note: By using cursor click and hold the title bar of the window that you want to swap and move to right or left.

How to Enter Split Screen MAC when using full-screen mode?

You cannot enter the split screen mode while using the full-screen mode. Exit the full screen mode and click one the green button to access the split view

How to Exit MAC Split Screen

  1. Move the cursor to the left side corner when you are in split screen mode, locate the green fill button.
  2. Click on the green fill button on any split windows.
  3. The windows will returned to the original state.
  4. The remaining split screens are also disappeared and exit the split view.

Short cut Key to exit MAC split screen

Click control + Esc or drag the mouse top if the window, then click exit.

How to do Split Screen on MAC Using Keyboard Shortcut

The keyboard shortcut to activate split screen mode is simple

  1. By using control + command + F to enter full-screen mode.
  2. You can hit F3 to pull up Control and drag another app onto the app you currently have in full screen.
  3. Click back into the apps and you’ll be in Split View.
  4. By using control + escape to exit the split screen.

Why Split Screen MAC Won’t Allow

There should be some reasons why your mac won’t be able to perform split screen macbook.

  1. Split screen is available on latest MacOs 10.11
  2. Check the OS updates in your Mac.
  3. If you use the older version, split doesn’t support in your Mac.
  4. Split screen requires the minimum screen resolution.
  5. If your screen resolution is low, the split screen option might be disabled.
  6. You can adjust your screen resolution by using System Preferences > Displays and selecting a higher resolution.
  7. Split screen doesn’t support if you use the full screen mode.
  8. To exit the full screen mode, split screen mode is enabled.

What to do if MAC split screen isn’t working?

There is few methods to solve this issue, there are

  1. Because sometimes temporary glitches occurred, so restart your Mac or Macbook. It will resolve the temporary glitches.
  2. Update the OS of your system, because split screen is the feature of latest MacOs (10.11).
  3. If your using the older version this feature is not supported.
  4. Reset your Mac to the default settings.
  5. Some specified applications are only using to the split screen.
  6. Remove the third party applications, because they will affect the sysytem settings and management.

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