How to Hide Your Phone Number Using Different Methods


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Want to make your call private while calling to others, then simply know how to hide your phone Number to make a private call.

You can make a private call using different simple methods through iPhone as well as Android phones. Also, you can make use of customer care support to do it.

So follow the article till the end to know How to hide phone numbers using *67 method, the default feature in mobile followed by Cellular carriers.

 Hide Your Phone Number

How to Hide Your Phone Number using *67

You can hide your number by using “*67” method on your mobile. To do this, just follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to your contacts or Phone option in your Mobile/Landline
  2. Enter the contact number for which contact you want to hide your number
  3. Initially add *67 to the contact number like *67222333444156

By this you can hide your name or caller Id of your contact number and it shows them as private number.

How to Hide Your Phone Number by Default on iPhone

We have an easy method to hide our phone number by default on iPhone. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to settings app in your iPhone
  2. Tap the Phone option
  3. Click on Show my caller ID option
  4. Turn off the option (show my caller ID), just by clicking on the toggle.

It hides your contact number by default settings in your iPhone.

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How to Hide Your Phone Number by Default on Android

Here is the best method to hide your phone number in Android by using default in-built feature of android. To do this, just follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Open your Phone App in your Android Phone
  2. Click on three dots symbol.
  3. Choose the settings option
  4. Click the calls option
  5. Select the additional settings
  6. Turn of the toggle which is besides the caller ID or click on hide number option which in the menu of Caller ID.

We have completed the process successfully, now Noone can find your number as well as Caller ID or name while making a phone call.

How to Hide Your Phone Number through Your Cellular Carrier 

Just make a call to your respective cellular customer care support and intimate them that you want to hide your number or caller ID or that you want keep your contact number in private.

Immediately, they check your cellular connection and intimate you the process to configure to make your number as private.

Note: if you want to again use or unhide your caller ID and name, follow the simple step, at the beginning add *82 and then the contact number for whom you want to dial. It unhides your contact details such as Name and Phone Number.

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