How to Factory Reset Windows 11 PC or Laptop


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A factory reset in Windows restores the operating system to its original state as if it had been freshly installed on the computer.

It essentially erases all data, settings, and apps added or modified since the computer was first purchased or since the last factory reset.

Reset Windows

How to Factory Reset Windows 11 from Recovery Settings

Resetting your Windows 11 PC will allow you to repair some faults or prepare it for purchase. This clears all of your settings and allows you to start over with a blank slate. We’ll show you just how to do it.

When you reset your PC, Windows 11 gives you the option of keeping or deleting your personal files. In any instance, it delete apps and everything of your settings.

There are several options for backing up your data, ranging from using an external drive to storing those files on a distant server through the Internet.

Reset Windows 11 to the Factory Recover Settings

  1. Open the Settings PC to begin the reset procedure.
  2. Press the Windows keys
  3. From the left sidebar of Settings, click System.
  4. Select the Reset PC >Recovery options > Reset this PC menu.
  5. When you reinstall Windows 11, you will be given reset options:
    • Select Keep My files > Change settings > Pre-installed applications > On or Off to restore or uninstall all preinstalled apps that came with the PC
  6. Take everything out > deletes everything, including your personal files and installed programs.
  7. Choose between cloud download and local reinstall.
    • The cloud option requires a 4GB download and may be preferable if you have a fast internet connection. If your local recovery image is broken, this method will also provide you with a fresh image of Windows 11.
  8. Additional settings summarise the reinstallation settings that have been selected.
  9. Select Change settings to erase all of your files and clear the drive. It will take hours, but it is more secure because the data on the discs is overwritten.
  10. Return to the Additional Settings screen by selecting Confirm.
  11. To begin the procedure, Go to Next > Reset.
  12. The start of the process will be indicated by a progress indicator. Typically, you should expect anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes.

Factory Reset Windows 11 from Sign-In Screen

The Windows Recovery Environment offers a recovery option. You may access the WinRE from the sign-in page in Windows 11, and the instructions are the same as when you Reset this PC from Settings.

  • Windows logo key + L to access the sign-in screen. Then, while selecting Power > Restart
  • There are three options on the WinRE interface.
  • Select Troubleshoot > Reset this PC to get the same reset choices we discussed earlier.
  • Choose whether to keep your personal files or delete everything. Then, to finish the reset procedure.

Steps to Perform Before Starting Windows 11 Factory Reset

Before doing a factory reset on any device, be sure your data is backed up and your device is ready for the reset.

  • Back up your data: It’s critical to save any vital files, papers, images, or other data.
  • Contacts, calendars, and emails should all be synced: This ensures that no important personal information is lost during the reset.
  • Make a note of your device’s settings: In this manner, following the factory reset, you may easily restore your chosen settings.
  • Remove your device from accounts: Check the individual account settings or contact support for assistance.
  • Remove any external storage: it is suggested that you remove any external storage before conducting a factory reset. This eliminates the possibility of data loss on certain external storage devices.
  • Charge your device: Make sure your device is fully charged or connected. This will prevent any disturbances caused by a low battery during the reset.


What is a Windows factory reset?

A factory reset, also known as a system reset or a reset to factory settings, is a process that returns your Windows computer or device to its factory default settings.

It deletes all data, applications, and settings, thereby resetting your system to the state it was in when you first bought or installed Windows.

Will a factory reset erase all of my data?

A factory reset will wipe all files and data on your Windows computer’s system disc. To avoid losing data, make a backup of your vital files before doing a factory reset.

Will a factory reset wipe out pre-installed applications and programs on my Windows computer?

A factory reset will delete all pre-installed software and programs from your Windows machine.

It returns the system to its original state, including the removal of any third-party apps or software you’ve installed after the machine was first set up.

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