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Make the way easier and more comfortable with Google Voice. Just check about Google voice, its cost, cross device usage and services followed by guide to use it in PC and How to download…

Google as a company has become a pioneer in providing its customers with a full suite of office tools and services which include their primary service Google Suite which is mainly known as GSuite around the world. Any business which has a Google Workspace i.e., GSuite account can access Google Voice service from their accounts.

Google Voice provides users with telephone services which include voice calling, voicemail forwarding and text messaging as well. Though this service is limited to certain countries which are US, Canada, Denmark, France, Portugal, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, and The United Kingdom.

Google Voice

What is Google Voice – Costs, Cross Device Usage and Service

Google voice for PC, Android and iOS, also made available by Google with cross-device communication from PC to mobile or mobile to PC as well. But the service is not free for international calling and text messaging purposes. Presently, it costs around $0.01 to make an international call using their service which is not the cheapest.

It is not one of the reasonable VOIP calling services around the world but since it comes with a complete suite of other tools from Google, it makes it easier to use which is why a lot of businesses use it.

Google Voicemail forwarding allows you to forward voicemails and calls from all your landline, personal mobile number and others to your Google voice number which makes it easier to receive all calls on a single number.

Google Voice Desktop

It was first released as a Web version allowing PC, Desktop and Laptop users to be able to use Google voice for PC without any issues and you can do the same by following the instructions below.

  1. Visit official page of Google voice

    Open Google voice web version page from here: voice.google.com

  2. Login with your Gmail account

    Login to your Gmail account which is either personal or business

  3. All contacts and messages will be loaded

    Once you login, you will see the Google voice homepage loading with contacts and messages on left sidebar

  4. Select to make voice or text message

    You can select to make either voice or send a text message

How to Download Google Voice App

Follow the steps below to learn to download and install the Google voice app for mobile devices.

Step 1 – Download:

Select the link for your OS and download the app

Step 2 – Installation & Login:

  1. Open the app once it is downloaded and also installed
  2. Login with your gmail id and password
  3. Login with your account details and your account is setup to use

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How to get a Google Voice number and use Google Voice search

If you are working for a business who already owns Google Workspace (GSuite), then they might have set up your Google voice account when a number already assigned to you.

You can still get a new number at additional cost if you want to either have new number or change. The old number can still exist or if you want you can delete it as well. So that no additional cost for recurring months will occur for the old number you wanted to delete since it won’t use much.

In order to use Google voice search, either on the web or app you can go to the contacts. Search for the numbers you want to call from your number. You can also select to send them a text message as per your preference.

  1. Is Google voice for free?

    No, Google voice is a subscription based service and it is not free to use.

  2. Is Google voice being disconnected?

    No, Google voice is not being disconnected because there are businesses who want to use VOIP services and Google voice is a solution to them.

  3. What is Google voice used for?

    Google voice is used for calling, voicemail forwarding and texting service to other mobile numbers.

  4. How much does it cost to use Google voice?

    Google voice is not free to use and it charges $0.01 for a calling service for international users while the Google Workspace (G Suite) subscription for Google voice is different.

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