How to Create a Group Text on iPhone to Access


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Enjoy the benefits of Group messaging feature on iPhone by knowing How to Create text Group.

You can enable group chatting on iPhone and add or remove friends and chat with them at a time.

So through this article learn how to create group chat, adding or removing members, silence notifications and to leave the chat too. Also know how to add Android to iMessage Group chat.

Group Text on iPhone
Group Text on iPhone

How to Enable Group Messaging on iPhone

These are the simple steps to enable the Group messaging in iPhone

  1. Go to settings App in your iPhone
  2. Click on messages in settings menu
  3. Turn on the group messaging toggle

How to Create a Text Group on iPhone

Here are the easy steps to text the message for a group of members on iPhone

  1. Open your Messages App in your iPhone
  2. Click on compose option
  3. Provide the names, to whom you want to send the message
  4. If not, Tap on Add icon and select the desire contacts from your contact list
  5. Provide any text of message
  6. Click on send icon which is in upwards arrow mark symbol.

How to Add Members to Group Chat on iPhone

This method helps us to add the contact to your group chat and now, you can also send the group messages for newly add contact.

  1. Go to your Group Chat Message
  2. Click on the Group info or profile which shows names of a group members
  3. Check the members of the group
  4. Tap on Add Contact option
  5. Enter the name of a person or select the contact from your contact list by clicking on plus symbolled icon
  6. Click on done option

Note: This is possible for only iPhone users and Android users also can utilize but they have a smaller number of features when compare to iPhone Users.

How to Remove Someone from a Group Chat on iPhone

You may successfully remove the contact from our Group chat, once follow the simple steps as below

  1. Open your Messages App
  2. Select your Group Chat message from your Messages App
  3. Click on Group info
  4. Tap on the numbers of group which redirects to show the group contacts of your group chat
  5. Go to person’s name, whom you want to remove
  6. Make a left slide by holding the person’s name
  7. Click on remove option
  8. It gives a pop up of Remove or cancel option
  9. Tap the remove option

Note: for removing a contact from group, the group should maintain more than three group members.

How to Add Android to iMessage Group Chat 

While adding the Android user into iMessage group chat, the contacts name turns into green text, the Group name changes to new group MMS.

  1. Go to your Messages App on your iPhone
  2. Click on compose option to enter the names of the contacts
  3. Or tap on Add icon and select the contacts from your contact list
  4. You can also select the Android users here.
  5. Enter a message
  6. Tap the send icon

Note: If you add android user, then you can’t able to remove or add a person into a group chat once created the group.

How to Silence Notifications from a Group Chat on iPhone

  1. Open your Messages App and click on the group member’s name
  2. Turn on the High Alerts toggle.

How to Leave a Group Chat on iPhone

We have a simple three-step method to leave the group chat on iPhone.

  1. Go to messages App and click on group info
  2. Click on leave the conversation option
  3. Confirm it by again clicking on leave the conversation option

By this, we can leave the group chat on iPhone.

Note: After you left from the group, you can’t again add yourself into group but the remaining group members can add you into the group chat again.

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