How Old is My iPad? Find in 3 Ways


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If your iPad is too old, the chances are that it could have been discontinued by now. We started to face problems running new applications on this old iPad.

In this case, if you want to check how old your iPad is, you can easily do so. Knowing the generation of your iPad helps you to choose the correct App for your device.

How Old is my iPad

There are many ways to know the age or year of manufacturing your iPad. Three main methods are most prevalent in present times to check how old is my iPad?

How Old is My iPad

Check iPad Age through Settings

This is the common way of checking the iPad’s age. Follow the below steps to know the date on which your iPad sold

  1. Go to Settings >> General >> Legal & Regulatory
  2. Scroll down and you will find the date of sold.

Note – It tells you about the date on which you bought the iPad from Apple and note the date of its manufacturing.

Find iPad Age by Model Number

People know Apple product versions through its generation. Follow the below discussed and use the model number to know about the age of your iPad

  1. Go to Settings >> General >> About.
  2. Copy the model number.
  3. Visit Apple’s webpage and search for the copied model number.
  4. Click the model number to see the date and details of your iPad.

iPad Age by Serial Number

If your i Pad is not opening or working properly, then you can use the serial number written on the back of the iPad to know the date of packaging, etc. Follow this method to use the iPad serial number to know the age of your iPad

  1. Go to Settings >> General >> About.
  2. Copy the serial number.
  3. Go to Apple’s coverage website.
  4. Enter the serial number there.

In the displayed result, you will be able to see the details related to your iPad.

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Contact Apple Support to find iPad Age

Apple known for its customer service. If you cannot find anything about the age of your iPad from any of the above-discussed methods, you can contact Apple support for the same. They will assist you in all the ways possible.

Is the release date the date of purchase for the iPad?

The release date of the iPad is just an indication of its age, but it doesn’t need to be also the date of purchase. It might have been activated days after the release date.

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