Google Assistant Settings Setup and Change


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The voice command “Hey Google, open Assistant” used to open and change Google Assistant settings on enabled gadgets including smartphones, smart speakers, and smart displays.

Google Assistant is a voice-activated virtual assistant that can carry out different activities and give information.

Once the Google Assistant launched, you may ask questions, manage smart home devices, set reminders, play music, send messages, make calls, receive directions, and complete a wide range of other things that the Assistant is capable of.

Google Assistant Settings

How to Setup Google Assistant Settings on Android

You may easily setup Google assistant settings as below

  1. Open the Settings app on your Android device.
  2. Click Apps
  3. Select Assistant
  4. Tap every setting for the assistant.
  5. Choose the Google account you wish to customise if you have several Google accounts.
  6. Make sure Hey Google is turned on by swiping the button to the right.
  7. Once you’ve spoken each of the four sample sentences, tap Retrain voice model.
  8. Tap finish to complete the process.

How to Setup Google Open Assistant Settings on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Any iOS user can set the Google Open Assistant settings on iPhone or iPad as below

  1. Open the Google Assistant app on your iOS device.
  2. Tap the Google account icon
  3. Select on Google Account
  4. Tap on Assistant Language, Voice and more
  5. Scroll down and configure each setting

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How to Change Google Assistant settings

Android devices

  1. Say “Hey Google” or hold down the home button for a long time to launch the Google Assistant.
  2. When you choose “Settings,” you can look through the many categories to change the Assistant’s settings for things like preferred Assistant devices, services, languages, voice and speech, and more. To suit your tastes, change the parameters.

iOS devices

  1. On your iOS device, Open Google Assistant application.
  2. Tap on “Settings at top right of Google account”.
  3. You may navigate through numerous categories, just like on Android smartphones, to change the Assistant’s various settings.

Google Nest speakers or displays

  1. To wake up the gadget, say “Hey Google” or “OK Google.”
  2. Upon receiving a response from the Assistant, say “Go to settings” or “Open settings.”
  3. The Assistant will walk you through the settings options that are available for your particular device.
  4. Preferences such as device settings, speech recognition, home control, and more may changed.

Note: The provided steps should serve as a general guide for accessing and changing Google Assistant settings.

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Google Assistant Settings for Browser

  • On a computer, launch your favorite web browser.
  • Use the Google account that is connected to your Google Assistant to log in.
  • Once logged in, you may access a number of Google Account-related settings and options.
  • Investigate the settings and options at your disposal to personalize your Google Account preferences.

Can I customize the voice of Google Assistant?

Yes, you can change Google Assistant’s voice. You can select your preferred speech option from a list of voice options in the Google Assistant settings.

How does Google Assistant work?

Google Assistant uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to comprehend user commands and questions. To supply pertinent information and carry out desired actions, it interfaces with numerous services and draws upon a huge knowledge base.

What can Google Assistant do?

The Google Assistant is capable of carrying out a wide range of functions, like playing music or podcasts, controlling smart home devices, browsing the web, translating languages, setting timers, and much more. It can even give weather updates and set alarms and reminders.

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