Godaddy Email Login from Microsoft 365 and Outlook


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Easily send your professional Emails of your Workspace of GoDaddy Domains. Just check How to do GoDaddy Email Login process from Microsoft 365 and Via Microsoft Outlook…

GoDaddy as one of the biggest domain and hosting service providers has expanded in providing customers with custom domain based email accounts. If you have already created your own custom email from GoDaddy. Then you should be able to use it now for sending professional emails.

But if this is your first time, then you can follow our article to learn on how to access a GoDaddy professional email account. It simply means the process to be able to log in to your GoDaddy custom domain workspace account.

Godaddy Email Login
Godaddy Email Login

GoDaddy Email

If you are already logged into your GoDaddy account then this should be a quick process to learn how easy it is to complete the GoDaddy email login process.

Godaddy eMail Login from Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy Panel

To get simple login to your custom domain workspace account from a professional email account. Just follow the steps to login from Microsoft 365.

  1. Sign in to your account

    Sign in to your Godaddy account from official site or go through this link https://sso.godaddy.com/

  2. Click on My Products

    Once you are logged into GoDaddy account, then tap on My Products under Account

  3. Click on your Domain

    Next find the domain and click on it, you will find the created email account under it

  4. You will get a Link to access email account

    You can click on it and it will have a link to access the email account

  5. It redirects to Microsoft 365 Login page

    Click on it and it will redirect you to Microsoft 365 login page

  6. Provide Email Id & Password and log in to account

    Log in with your account email id and password, then you will be logged into Microsoft 365 account

Godaddy eMail SignIn Via Microsoft OutLook

  1. Once you logged into your Microsoft 365 account you can either click on the OutLook icon on the page. It will redirect you to your email account inbox or else
  2. You can simply go to Microsoft OutLook login page, then login with your email account address and password.
  3. Once done, now you will log into your GoDaddy email account with ease.
  1. GoDaddy eMail Login Outlook?

    Once you created your GoDaddy email account, you can use the account details to login via Microsoft OutLook as it is their email inbox service.

  2. What is GoDaddy Email Pricing?

    GoDaddy email pricing for individuals is different from those of teams. So deciding on the subscription should be based on your preference as the pricing differs for both.

  3. Is it possible to use GoDaddy email through Gmail?

    Yes. You can add GoDaddy workspace Email to your Gmail Account to get access for your professional mails from mobile. Just add this Workspace Email in your Gmail app from Mobile.

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