How to Hide Apps on iPhone in 4 Ways


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There are mutiple ways to know how to hide apps on iPhone but to know all and execute all once not possible, find the ways to do so.

Apps on an iPhone refer to the software or applications that may be downloaded and used on the device. The iPhone experience revolves around its applications, which provide users with a wealth of features and services.

Applications offer a portal to connect, create, and discover whether it be through social media, communication, entertainment, productivity, shopping, or gaming.

Phones to cater to their individual requirements and passions. Apps have revolutionized the way we work, interact, consume media, and amuse ourselves in our daily lives.

Reasons to Hide Apps on Your iPhone

  • Using applications can give an extra layer of security to your iPhone against unauthorized access or potential data breaches,
  • You may want to protect any financial or personal information contained in certain apps.
  • App hiding can help cut down on interruptions and increase productivity.
  • iPhones to segregate them from everyday use or to prevent unauthorized access while conducting tests.
  • In order to satisfy a certain aesthetic or design preference, some users might want to alter the appearance of their home screen and conceal particular apps.
How to Hide Apps on iPhone

How to Hide Apps on iPhone Using Folders

By accessing iPhone folders and hiding apps in iPhone is a simple easy task which complete in 5 steps, just check illustrated steps

  1. Go to the home screen on your iPhone after unlocking it.
  2. To create a folder, drag one program icon over another.
  3. Make sure the app icon is hidden in the folder’s first appearance by dragging it to the bottom row’s rightmost edge.
  4. To exit edit mode and save the changes, press the home button or swipe up from the bottom of the screen on your iPhone.
  5. The folder has now been made invisible on the home screen.

How to Hide iPhone Apps Using App Library

Using iPhone app library, you may easily hide iPhone apps with the following

  1. All of your installed apps are automatically organised in the iPhone App Library, a distinct screen.
  2. Once you’re in the iPhone App Library, utilise the top search bar or the app categories to browse for the app you wish to conceal.
  3. Choose “Remove App” from the selection that opens.
  4. Your home screen will now be blank and you may only access the app through the App Library.

How to Hide Apps from iPhone Search Results

Using search results, you may just hide the apps of iPhone with a simple swipe, then do-follow

  1. Enter the name of the app you wish to hide in the search field at the top of the screen.
  2. Decide which app you wish to exclude from search results.
  3. On the app, swipe left. The “Hide” option will now be visible.
  4. Now, the app won’t appear in iPhone search results.

How to Turn Off Notifications For an iPhone App

  1. Find the “Notifications” section under Settings, where you can customize the notifications.
  2. To totally disable app alerts
  3. All notifications for that specific app turned off as a result.
  4. Exit the Settings app after modifying the settings
  5. If you turn off an app’s notifications, you won’t hear any alerts, hear any sounds, or see any banners.

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How to Hide Apps from your App Store History

The App Store purchase history keeps a record of all the apps you have downloaded or purchased using your Apple ID.

  • You can hide certain app purchases even though you can’t totally erase an app from your purchase history.
  • The app is no longer visible in your list of purchases but still linked to your Apple ID.
  • Create different Apple IDs for family members to use to download and buy apps you want to keep distinct from your own App Store history if Family Sharing enabled.

Can I completely remove apps from my App Store purchase history?

No, you cannot totally erase an app’s purchase history from the App Store. All the apps you’ve downloaded or bought with your Apple ID listed in your purchase history.

Can I hide apps from my App Store purchase history?

You cannot conceal apps from your history of App Store purchases. However, within the App Store app, you can choose to hide particular programme purchases from the “Purchased” list. The app will no longer appear in the list as a result, but your Apple ID linked to it.

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Can I create a separate App Store account to hide app downloads?

The answer is yes; you can make a new Apple ID just for downloading and buying apps that you wish to keep separate. To access other apps, you will need to move between accounts, so keep that in mind.

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