How to Port BSNL to Airtel Prepaid or Postpaid Mobile


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Want to take a new airtel sim with your old BSNL mobile number. Then just go through porting service, check detailed process of porting through various methods like SMS, Airtel store…

We all understand that Airtel has become one of the leading telecom service providers in India. To be honest if you are a user from another service like BSNL or others who want to switch to Airtel, then it’s not a bad thing as well to port from BSNL to Airtel.

Well for customers of BSNL who want to experience both the 4G and soon 5G on Airtel can be happy because porting from your old service which is BSNL to Airtel is not much of a task either. And networkslog is happy to help you through this article below to explain the whole process along with the verification steps required to ensure porting is done completely.

Please note that Airtel stores might charge you a nominal fee of about 50-100 rupees based on your location or type. But typically as per telecom services it should not be more than a charge of Rs. 6.46 per post request.

How to Port BSNL to Airtel Online SIM Service – Postpaid and Prepaid Services

To be precise, porting your BSNL SIM to Airtel might not be simple but with our below process you can easily port BSNL to Airtel for either prepaid or postpaid service as well.

Porting through SMS

  • You will have to Send SMS to 1900 from your BSNL SIM number with text Port
  • Example, you will send Port 99xx997788 and send the sms to 1900
  • Your registered mobile number will receive the unique porting code along with its expiry date as well
  • Please note both the UPC and its expiration date for the next steps.

Porting through Airtel store

Visit any nearby offline Airtel store for porting from BSNL to Airtel. Just follow simple steps given below for porting.

  1. Visit nearby airtel store

    Airtel stores around your place will be happy to help you initiate the porting process from your present BSNL SIM service to Airtel.

  2. Provide any valid document proof

    You need to provide them with the below documentations and the details for them to start.

  3. Give a photocopy of KYC document

    KYC Documentation i.,e, Aadhaar Card

  4. Provide a passport size photo

    Your passport size photo for verification and record entry at Airtel

  5. You will get a UPC code

    UPC code for porting along with its expiry date

Update your settings on your Phone with new SIM from Airtel

Once your verification is done, you will receive the new Airtel SIM with your previous number from BSNL. Now you can start using now.

In this way, you can quickly ensure to port BSNL mobile number to Airtel without any issues.

  1. Can I port BSNL to Airtel online?

    No, BSNL to Airtel port requires either Airtel in store visit or executives to visit your home for verification. Then further porting process to complete.

  2. How to port BSNL to Airtel postpaid?

    You can port BSNL to Airtel first and then once ported, you can select the postpaid offer.

  3. BSNL to Airtel porting cost?

    You will charge only for the cost of the SIM in most cases by Airtel in store executives.

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