Airtel to BSNL Porting at Free with Longer Validity Recharge Plan


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Migrate your mobile network with Airtel to BSNL Porting without changing your mobile number. Just check simple guide for How to port for BSNL from Airtel or from other network providers…

The Mobile Number portability is one of the options that can be used by any network subscriber to switch to their desired network. BSNL network does always have a strong base in remote areas and there is even connectivity where most other networks don’t have their network.

TopicAirtel to BSNL Porting
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The reason can be any and the subscriber if they wish to change their network, they can have it easily done. Process of porting the network will be quicker and will also be easier if you understand the exact meaning of it. Airtel to BSNL porting has to done by subscriber subscriber itself to have their same number continue.

Are you having a number from Airtel and for whatever reason you wish to change the network to BSNL. This subscriber can have the same number moved to the BSNL network, without losing it with below mentioned process.

Airtel to BSNL Porting
Airtel to BSNL Porting

How to Port from Airtel to BSNL

  1. SMS to 1900 in given format

    Send an SMS to 1900 as PORT <Airtel number>

  2. You will get a UPC code

    Upon successfully receiving of message, a Unique Porting Number is assigned

  3. Visit nearest BSNL customer service centre

    Subscriber has to locate the nearest BSNL customer service office

  4. Request executive to port with UPC code

    Provide the Porting Number and request the service person to port

  5. Provide your Identity proofs

    Enter your identity documents along with a photograph

  6. Complete registration and get BSNL SIM card

    Now complete the registration process and get the new BSNL SIM card

  7. It will take one day to change network

    Insert the new SIM and hold for 24 hours to change the network

Upon completing this process, you may have to remove your Airtel SIM card. Also keep the newly provided BSNL SIM card for activation. These will take some time and will get your network moved to BSNL from Airtel as desired.

  • For Jammu & Kashmir dial 1900 for porting. Also there will be taken 30 days for getting UPC code in Jammu & Kashmir, Assam and Northern East areas.

There are instances that a user does use the same number from years. Also they don’t wish to change it rather feels to have the network changed. The process is same for Airtel to BSNL or BSNL to Airtel MNP to continue the same mobile number in any network, but you have to wait for 90days in any network.

  1. Is there any charges for porting to BSNL from other network provider ?

    No, It is completely free of cost for porting to BSNL. There is no activation fees, processing charges and no security deposit.

  2. How many days it will take to port for bsnl ?

    It will take upto 2-3 days to complete porting process.

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