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Many iPhone users have witnessed the issue of the iPhone alarm not going off issue, but where the reason behind this is not always one but can be many. So you have to try different ways to solve the problem of the iPhone alarm not going off.

How to Fix iPhone Alarm Not Going Off

Go from the easiest way to the hardest, Here, I am discussing a few ways that can help you turn off the alarm or set the alarm to work properly. Figure out the possible reasons and resolve simply


Restarting the phone is a common solution suggested for most phone problems. For restarting, hold the power button till you see the power-off slider.

Check the setting of the Alarm

Sometimes, we do the wrong setting of the date, time, and day, that’s why it keeps on ringing at the wrong time and place. So, go to Clock App and then tap the alarm and make the desired editing. You can even delete or reset the alarm as per your choice. + and – button helps you to do that.

Unplug headphones or Bluetooth attachments

Sometimes, when your software behaves erratically, it doesn’t ring through the speakers of the phone, but through the headphone or any other Bluetooth device connected to the phone. So, just disconnect all the devices.

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Use only one App to set the Alarm

Nowadays smartphones allow us to set the alarm through various Apps. The attractive features of different Apps allure us to use more than one App to set the alarm. But these third-party Apps aren’t integrated well into your device.

So, if your iPhone Alarm is not going off, it is suggested that you should use only your iPhone’s default alarm clock App. Or if you do not want to use it, then disable it completely.

Reset bedtime feature

If you use the Bedtime feature in your App, wake time might be set to a time same as another app. Due to this, it is possible that both of them will not go off. In such a case, change the bedtime, disable it, or set it in the regular alarm.

Set the alarm to a louder sound

Sometimes, you might not hear the clock go off when the alarm volume is low. Some alarm volumes are louder or quieter than others. So, pick a sound judiciously. Also, make sure that the alarm sound is not set to ‘None’.

Turn the volume up

iPhone has a feature that lets you control two different sets of sounds – Music volume and alarm volume. It might happen that though the sound of the music is up, the sound of the alarm is low or off. So, check the volume by going to Settings>>Sound &Haptics. Select ‘Ringer and Alerts’ to adjust the volume.

Test the sound of the iPhone alarm

  1. Go to Clock > Alarm > Edit
  2. Select an alarm and then select a ringtone and sound. If it is audible, it will just work fine for sure.
  3. Update your phone software or restore to defaults

Whenever we use an outdated iOS version, it happens that it interferes with some of the smartphone functions. The update helps resolve the software bug problem.

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So update your phone regularly by following these steps Settings > General > Software > Update. Alternatively, you can update it with iTunes.

Restoring to default factory settings is the last thing to resort to. It deletes all the data, and nobody ever wants this to happen. To do this, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content.

  1. If a phone is on silent, do alarms work?

    Do Not Disturb mode and silent mode do not affect the sound of the alarm. So, if a phone is on silent then also it will ring.

  2. If a phone is on airplane mode, do alarms work?

    Airplane mode just turns off the network communication, as the alarms do not depend on a wireless connection, it will ring even if the phone is in airplane mode.

  3. Even if iPhone is connected to headphones or earphones, does its sound comes from a built-in speaker?

    Yes, the sound comes from the internal device speakers, if there are no temporary glitches or bugs.

  4. Can one use third-party alarm Apps on iPhone?

    Yes, one can. Use a good rating App. Remember that if you force stop it, the alarm may not work.

  5. Do Alarms sync to other Apple devices via iCloud?

    No, the alarms do not sync.

  6. How long does the iPhone alarm ring?

    It rings for straight 15 minutes if you do not stop or snooze it.

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