How to Fix Spotify Login Error in Different Gadgets


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Try resetting your password, checking your WiFi connection, or using auto login with Spotify Connect. No matter how many times you try to log in to the Spotify app using your username and password, sometimes it won’t work.

This page details all the most effective solutions for resolving Spotify login issues, including issues with internet connectivity, Spotify accounts, apps, OS systems, and more.

Fixes are available for Android and iPhone mobile devices, smart TVs, PlayStation and Xbox gaming systems, and Tesla automobiles.

Why Can’t I Log in to Spotify

Spotify login errors are usually caused by internet connection issues or errors related to the Spotify app or the device it is installed on. Using the wrong username or password is another common cause of not being able to log into Spotify, as is accidentally trying to log into the wrong app.

How to Fix it Spotify Login Error

Here are the top ways to fix Spotify login errors and glitches. It’s best to work through these solutions in the order written as they’re organized from fastest and easiest to more complex and advanced.

  1. Use Spotify Connect: Open Spotify app → choose Connect or Devices → choose your device instead of trying to log into Spotify on your smart TV or gaming console.
    • If You won’t have to input a username or password into Spotify because this will automatically log you in.
  2. Turn off Airplane mode: Turned off the network setup in aeroplane mode, which can prevent your smartphone from connecting to the Spotify servers.
  3. Turn off Wi-Fi: Disable the Wi-Fi in your gadget. The internet connection on the Wi-Fi network could be down or overcrowded with other users.
  4. Check your username and password: Double-check –> Spotify username and password. It’s possible that you entered your login information incorrectly.
  5. Check your app: Verify that you are Spotify. You’d be shocked at how frequently people open the incorrect app by mistake.
  6. Use another login method: Sign in to Spotify using Google, Apple, or Facebook. It’s likely that you’ve never even logged into Spotify with a username and password before. See if any of these alternate login methods work for you by trying them all.
  7. Fully close the Spotify app: Close the app, don’t just minimize, wait a few seconds, and then re-open it again. Now try logging in to Spotify.
  8. Reset your Spotify password: On the Spotify login screen –>Select Reset Password to have a new password emailed to you.
    • This also works when you can’t log in to Spotify through Facebook or Google.
      The link may be called Forgot your password depending on your device and app version.
  9. Update the Spotify app: If none of the work, Go toApp Store and Update the Spotify app on your device.
  10. Update your operating system: An internet connectivity security issue may be impacted by an out-of-date operating system. Update the iOS on your iPhone or the Android OS.
  11. Restart your device: Rebooting your device could fix your Spotify login error.
  12. Clear the cached data on Android: Clearing the cached data in your device can help.
  13. Uninstall and Reinstall Spotify: Quickly delete the app from your device and then reinstall it.
  14. Use the Spotify web player: If the Spotify app shows an error, Go to the Spotify website instead.

How to Fix Spotify Login Error on PS5 or Xbox

If you can’t log in to the Spotify app on your Xbox or PlayStation console, then do the following

  1. Open Spotify on your gadget and select Connect to a device.
  2. Select your PS5 or Xbox console from the list of devices, and Spotify should automatically log you in.

Note: If you can’t see your console on the list of devices, make sure that it and your smart device are on the same WiFi network.

Fix Spotify Login Errror on Tinder

The Spotify feature on the Tinder dating app and website is notorious for going offline Use the standard procedure to re-connect your Tinder account to Spotify if it disconnects for no apparent reason.

Note: It’s recommended to wait for the issue to go away on its own if Tinder and Spotify are still connected but the feature simply isn’t functioning as it should be because the root cause is typically due to Tinder’s servers being overloaded.

What to do When You Can’t Log in to Spotify on a Tesla

  1. Reset the screen by pressing the two scroll buttons on the steering wheel for 10 seconds.
  2. Logging out and back into Spotify, switching between Wi-Fi and cellular connections, and a lot of the other tips at the top of the page can also be used to fix Spotify on Tesla cars.

Note: Casting Spotify to your Tesla from your smartphone is a reliable alternative for when the built-in Spotify Tesla app won’t work.

What to do When You Can’t Log in to Spotify Premium

The Spotify Premium service can be accessed by login into the standard Spotify app or website.

It is a paid subscription membership for the main Spotify streaming service. You don’t need to check in with a different Spotify Premium account or use a separate app to access Spotify Premium.

Note: Simply enter your standard Spotify username and password or the connected account (such as Facebook, Google, or Apple) to sign in to your Spotify account, which includes Spotify Premium.


Why Can’t I Log in to Spotify?

Spotify login errors are usually caused by internet connectivity problems or a glitch relating to the Spotify app or the device that it’s installed on. Using the incorrect username or password is also a common cause behind being unable to log in to Spotify, as is mistakenly trying to log in to the wrong app.

What is my Spotify username if I log in with Facebook?

You can discover your “real” Spotify username if you sign up using Facebook. Go to your Account page and click More (three dots) under your name after signing in with your Facebook credentials.

To paste the Spotify URI into a word editor or note-taking programme, choose Copy Spotify URI. After that, you may see the combination of letters and digits that makes up your Spotify login.

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