How to Block No Caller ID Calls on iPhone


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Let’s have a brief details of the iPhone NO caller IDs and the main purpose of the caller IDs on iPhone will be discussed here, along with the easy steps for how to block unknown calls on iPhone explained in this article.

What is Caller ID

The caller ID means is that which can be identified by the phone number and Name of the person provided to  their respective mobile number. The caller Ids sometimes might wrong and a spam calls will received.

Block No Caller ID Calls

Caller ID widely utilized in the phone or telecom system, Let’s have a view on obstruction of No caller ID calls for iPhone.

The users of iPhone can be able to block the no caller ID calls. The iPhone provides a lot of options and methods to block the caller IDs which may help us from the receiving spam calls and unwanted marketing call can avoided in the iPhone

There are simple methods are available to solve this issue, we have chosen included best methods to overcome the problem of Caller ID issue

  • Silence Unknown Callers
  • Do not Disturb
  • Fake contact

As per our earlier discussion we know different versions of the iPhone available in the market for each version we have a simple methods to solve the issue

How to Block No Caller ID Calls on iPhone using Silence Unknown Callers

One of the fundamental features of the iPhone is Silence Unknown Callers. It is the easiest method in iPhone to block the No caller ID because it is a default feature in it.

The simple steps to implement the process

  1. Go to settings option in your mobile
  2. There you will found an option of Phone
  3. Tap the phone option
  4. Click on the silence unknown caller option
  5. The process completed successfully,
  6. Now the user will not get unwanted calls and spam calls from the fraud

Note: It is only allowing the call from the people who are present in your address book and the user receives a voicemail if any unwanted or unknown calls arrives to your mobile.

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How to Block Unknown Calls on iPhone using DO NOT DISTURB method

It is also a simplest method to mute all the notifications from different app in the iPhone. It is mostly useful for the employees mainly in their working hours and while attending the meetings with higher authorities.

The easy steps are available here for accessing this option

  1. Tap the settings option in your mobile
  2. Go to DO NOT DISTURB option and click on it
  3. You will be available some of allowed notifications and click on people option
  4. Select the option Call From
  5. Tap on ALL CONTACTS, then you will only receives calls from your contact address book.
  6. The remaining unwanted calls will not receive only voicemail notifies you.

How to Block Spam Calls on iPhone using Fake Contact

This is the last method to block the No Caller ID on iPhone, it is access using Contacts in contacts App

  1. Go to Contacts option and click on the “+” option
  2. Create a contact in your mobile and save the contact with the name of DO NOT ANSWER and NO CALLER ID
  3. The phone number for the new contact is ‘0000000000’
  4. Tap on the done option and the contact saved successfully
  5. Select the ‘Block the caller ‘ option
  6. After contact is blocked, the user can not receive the calls in which your blocked list and also blocks private numbers

These are the simple methods and it is same for all the versions of the iPhone

  1. Are any paid services are available to block the No Caller ID?

    Yes, there are some of the services which provide the access to block the No caller ID like Trapcall.

  2. can it useful for AT&T Call protect?

    Yeah, it is very useful for the AT&T users and it helps for mainly for maintaining the networks of AT&T.

  3. what is the best methods to block the No caller ID?

    We have three best methods are available. Silence Unknown caller,do not disturb, fake contact

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