How to Cancel Spotify Subscription


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Spotify is now a famous term in the field of music streaming platforms. It gives access to digital music, video, and podcasts from all around the world. Several features make this platform different.

It gives recommendations according to your taste. This feature is available in both free as well as premium subscriptions. This platform can be used on a range of different devices like smartphones, speakers, tablets, computers, etc.

Cancel Spotify Subscription

Cancel Spotify Subscription

You need not cancel the subscription but delete the account. For this, you need to use Spotify’scontact form.You will get an automated response in your email when you do that.

Though the mail is labeled as ‘no reply’, make sure that you reply to the mail, as this sends the information to the right team.

How to Cancel Spotify Premium Subscription

Cancelling Spotify’s premium subscription is quite easy, but remember that you cannot do it through App. It can be canceled only through a desktop browser. Follow the below-mentioned steps to delete Spotify account premium subscription

  1. Sign in to the Spotify account.
  2. Select the Profile section and then click on ‘Account’.
  3. Select ‘Spotify Premium’.
  4. Click ‘Change Plan’.
  5. Select the ‘Spotify free’ section and then click ‘Cancel Premium’.
  6. Click on the option ‘Yes, cancel’.

If all goes well, you will get a message confirming your canceledSpotify Premium subscription. A date when the current subscription will end also be highlighted.

How to Cancel Spotify Premium via Apple ID

If the Apple subscription is taken from Apple App Store, you can cancel the subscription only through iPhone’s Apple ID.

  1. Open iPhone or iPad and click on ‘Settings’.
  2. Click on the name and Apple ID.
  3. Tap ‘Subscriptions’.
  4. Select ‘Spotify’.
  5. Click on ‘Cancel Subscription’.
  6. A dialogue box appears. Click on the ‘Confirm’ tab.

How can I get a refund for a canceled Spotify premium subscription

If you cancel your Spotify subscription in the middle of the ongoing plan, you will be able to use the Spotify premium service for the entire period for which you have paid. But, after that, it will stop working.

You will not get a refund for the remaining days of your subscription until you request it under special circumstances. Only under certain circumstances, does Spotify refund the money. Let us discuss some cases in which you can get a refund and the ways to get it –

For this, it is better to check your pending transactions first. Because sometimes we get the impression that our subscription amount is deducted twice in a month, though it was not. If it is charged twice in a month, do as follows –

  1. Select ‘Subscription’.
  2. Tap on the ‘Charged more than once’ option.
  3. From the options, select ‘I still need help’.
  4. After 1st point. If you are charged twice in the same month, then type in your name and problem, tap on ‘Start Chat’.
  5. You can now discuss your problem of a refund with a Spotify customer service representative about the following
    • If your account is likely being compromised contact your credit card company or your bank.
    • If you have upgraded to a Family Premium account
    • If there are several accounts under the Premium subscription

Canceled Account but still charged – In this case, do as follows

  1. Login to your Spotify account.
  2. Search for the ‘Subscription’ tab located on the left-hand side.
  3. If the account is labeled as a Spotify Free account that means you are not charged for the Spotify subscription. But, if you are sure that you upgraded it to premium, then check and try different email IDs and usernames. It might happen that you upgraded to premium with a different email ID then this.
  4. If it is a premium account, ensure that you have completely canceled the subscription by following the cancellation process discussed above.
  5. If you have taken a premium account from its partner service like iTunes, mobile providers, etc., cancel the subscription directly through them.

Overcharged for student discount

Student discount is given on per year basis. It means that you have to renew the student discount every year. You can reapply for the discount again (obviously if you are still a student).

Note – Student discount can only opt for a total of three times throughout life and not more than that.

Changed your mind about the Premium Subscription

Sometimes, within a few days of the premium subscription, we change our minds and somehow try to get the amount refunded. For people like us, the good news is that you can get a full refund from Spotify. Just go to the Spotify contact support page and start chatting.


How to cancel a Spotify subscription on iPhone, if one does not have iPhone anymore?

You can cancel the subscription via the Spotify website. Follow – Login>>Setting>>Cancel Subscription.

What to do if Spotify auto-renew the free subscription?

It is best to contact Spotify as soon as possible. Tell them about your problem. Hopefully, you will get a quick refund.

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