ePunjabschool Login for Staff and Student


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ePunjabschool login can be simply classified as a Management Information System online portal for the state of Punjab. This means ePunjab is an MIS platform where all the students, school staff, administrators can access the information for online administration, admission, application and more in order to digitisted all things related to happening through the school system.

In this article regarding the ePujab School online portal we will be guiding through the login process along with guides on how to reset your password. Finally we will also discuss how students can apply for their account on this ePunjab school platform.

ePunjab school online portal for students has grown to a large extent which is why many students are using this service. But if this is your first time then it would be better to follow the steps below that will help you understand how to login to ePunjab online portal.

ePunjabschool Login for Staff and Student
ePunjabschool Login for Staff and Student

ePunjabschool Login

  1. Go to the ePunjab online portal from here https://www.epunjabschool.gov.in/
  2. Then under the login drop down select School/Staff login and on this page you will have to enter your login details
  3. You will first have to enter your username, then enter your password and then enter the code from the image
  4. Next click on the login button and now you will be logged into your account.

Please note that this login process is the same for School staff, students as well.

ePunjab School Password Reset – Forgot Password

It is pretty common for not just students, but even for school staff and administrators as well to forget their password. So, follow the steps below which will help you understand how simple it is to reset your ePunjab School password.

  1. First open the password reset page https://www.epunjabschool.gov.in/ForgotPasswordStaff.aspx
  2. Then enter your ID, Phone Number and then enter the code from the image
  3. Next click on the submit button and you will receive your password on your registered mobile number!

Before you get to make use of this platform you will have to first complete your student online admission for ePunajb School by following through the below steps.

How to find Student ID For ePunjabschool Login Online Admission

  1. First open the ePunjab official website from this link https://www.epunjabschool.gov.in
  2. Then from the top menu section click on Online Admission option and this will now redirect you to their student online admission page
  3. On this page you will have to fill out all the required information asked below such as.
    • Student Name
    • Father Name
    • Date Of Birth (DOB)
    • Mobile Number
    • Gender
    • Seeking Admission In Class
    • District
    • School Category
  4. School Name  
  5. Click on the add school option and once it is added, next click on the submit button and on the top of the page you will receive a reference number

Previously when the ePunjab School was initially launched each student was able to make use of the platform without creating any student ID.

It means at first any online test can be taken through anonymous which was not effective which is why every student now has to create their own student id for the platform and then make use of this platform to login to give tests and do more.

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