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If you are a frequent flyer then you might understand how important it is to complete a Air India web check in before the flight time to ensure you complete your check-in for the flight and then also select and reserve a seat to ensure easy travel.

In case if you are not a frequent flyer, and someone who is traveling new and wants to understand why it is important to complete a web-check for Air India before the flight time, then you must understand that you may find a Air India Kiosk at the Airport but it might be lined up and if you reach the Airport late then you might find the last seats or might not be able to complete your check not allowing you to onboard your flight.

In this article, we will simply show you how you can complete your Air India web check-in from start to the end that includes confirming your flight and seat selection as well.

Please ensure you have your Air India web check-in link or else logged into your account in order to follow the below steps to complete your Air India web check in online.

Air India Web Check In
Air India Web Check In

Air India Web Check In

  1. Open the Air India website from airindia.in
  2. Click on the “Web Check-in” button on the homepage
  3. Enter your booking reference and last name as it appears on your booking confirmation
  4. Select your flight and click on “Check-in”
  5. Confirm your personal information and select your seat
  6. Check the box to confirm that you have read the terms and conditions and click on “Check-in”
  7. Print your boarding pass or save it to your mobile device
  8. You are now checked in and ready to fly with Air India

Please keep in mind that web checkin is available 24 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure. Passengers must also have a valid government photo ID with them at the time of checkin.

Before leaving for the airport, check the airline’s baggage policy and reconfirm your flight status.

Is web check in Air India mandatory now

Yes, web check-in has been made mandatory for Air India though there can be a lot of kiosks in the Airport but this also ensures that you do not need to wait in lines for check-in at the Airport.

What is the web check-in time for Air India?

Air India allows web check-in 48 hours before the flight time and should be completed at least 48 minutes to a few hours before the flight time to confirm your flight.

Is it necessary to print air india web checkin boarding pass?

No, it is not required to print boarding passes for Air India because you can complete your web check-in earlier and have a PDF version of the boarding pass on your Smartphone itself to make it simple. But still you can carry a printed version of boarding passes if required.

Air India web check-in for International flights?

The Air India web check in time for International flights starts from 48 hours to 2 hours before the flight starts.

Air India web check in online seat selection?

Once you start completing your web check-in for the flight you can select the seat during the check-in process.

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