How to Change Spotify Username or Display Name


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With over 356 million people tuning in over the last year, Spotify is one of the top music streaming services available. Music is no longer downloaded, curated, and pushed into MP3 players and phones.

Huge music libraries may now be accessed and listened to with the tap of a finger. Spotify users can create playlists that showcase their personalities and share them with their followers.

Change Spotify Username

How to Change Spotify Username

Your username is used to identify you on Spotify, and it is unfortunately permanent and hence unchangeable.

You can also use it to sign in to your Spotify account, though you can alternatively use your email address or a Facebook/ Apple/ Google account.

How to Change Your Spotify Username on PC/Laptop

  • You cannot alter your username because it is used to identify you on Spotify.
  • You do not need to provide your username to log in. Instead, log in with your email address and password, or the method you used to sign up, such as Facebook, Apple, or your phone number
  • Spotify says the display name will replace the username shown on the profile, app, and playlists.

How to Change Your Username on Spotify using Android or iOS Mobile

  • The Spotify mobile app is free to download from the relevant app stores for both iOS and Android smartphones.
  • While free users get access to the essential functions, a premium subscription provides extra perks such as ad-free listening, greater audio quality, and unlimited skips.
  • Overall, the Spotify mobile app is one of the most popular music streaming apps in the world because it provides a convenient and user-friendly way to consume music and audio content on your mobile device.

How to Change Your Spotify Username by Facebook Signing

Only the desktop app allows you to connect your Spotify account to Facebook.

  1. Access your Facebook account.
  2. click on your profile image in the upper right corner.
  3. Click on the “About” tab on your profile.
  4. Click the “Edit” button next to your name.
  5. Change your name to the preferred display name for Spotify.
  6. Examine Facebook’s name change rules and guidelines to ensure that your chosen name is acceptable.
  7. Save your changes.

How to Change Username on Spotify at Spotify.com

  1. Go to the Spotify website (https://www.spotify.com/) on your web browser.
  2. Enter your username and password to access your Spotify account.
  3. Once logged in, go to the top-right corner of the screen and click on your profile name.
  4. To access your account settings, select “Account” from the dropdown menu.
  5. Scroll down to the “Profile” section on the Account Overview page.
  6. Next to your display name, click the “Edit profile” option.
  7. Enter your desired display name in the supplied space.
  8. To save the changes, click the “Save profile” button.

How to Change Spotify Display Name

Here’s how to alter your desktop display name for Spotify application replaces your username on your profile, app, and playlists.

  1. Open Spotify App
  2. Click the down arrow in the top right corner.
  3. Choose Profile
  4. Click on your profile name and change it to something you like.
  5. Don’t forget to save your changes.

Note: You cannot log in using your display name.

Following these steps will allow you to modify your Spotify display name. Remember that your username will remain same from when you first registered your account, and only your display name will be changed.

Change UserName on Spotify with Android or iOS Mobile

On your mobile device, use the Spotify app.

  1. At the bottom of the screen, tap the “Home” tab.
  2. To access your account settings, tap the gear icon (Settings) in the top-right corner.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and select “View Profile.”
  4. Tap the pencil icon next to your current display name on your profile page.
  5. Fill in the blanks with your preferred display name.
  6. To save the changes, use the “Save” or “Done” button.

Information or the username associated with your Spotify account, as mentioned earlier.

FAQs on Spotify Change username

What is the price of Spotify?

Spotify has several subscription choices. The basic ad-supported version is free, but premium subscriptions are available for a monthly price. Premium subscription prices can vary depending on the country, plan, and any discounts or promotions that are available.

Is it possible to download songs from Spotify?

Yes, premium customers can download music for offline listening. This function allows you to download Spotify favourite songs, albums, playlists, and audiobooks to your device and listen to them without an online connection.

Can I listen to Spotify when I’m not connected to the internet?

You can download music and listen to it offline if you have a Spotify Premium subscription. You can access your offline content without an internet connection once it has been downloaded.

Can I use Spotify on more than one device?

Yes, you can use Spotify on numerous devices at the same time. Spotify is accessible via a variety of platforms, including mobile devices (iOS and Android), desktops (Windows and macOS), smart speakers, game consoles, and others. You can switch between devices and resume listening where you left off.

Is it possible to share Spotify playlists with others?

Spotify playlists can be shared with others. Spotify offers several ways to share playlists, including social media sites, direct links, and collaborating with other users to create a playlist together.

Can I use Spotify offline without a Premium subscription?

No, offline listening is only available to Spotify Premium subscribers. The free edition of Spotify does not allow you to download music and listen to it offline.

Can I make and share Spotify playlists?

Yes, users can make their own playlists and share them with others on Spotify. You can make playlists for different events, moods, or genres, and cooperate with friends on playlists. You may also subscribe to other user’s playlists and discover new music via shared playlists.

Can I quit my Spotify Premium membership?

A: You have the option to terminate your Spotify Premium subscription at any moment. To cancel, head to your account settings on the Spotify website or app, then to the subscription section, and then follow the cancellation instructions.

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