Autofill Excel in Spreadsheets with Different Methods


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Excel is great but when you have a lot of data to work on, then autofill all the rows in a spreadsheet is not so easy manually one by one. If you are facing the same issue, then you need to worry because you can work faster and smarter with the methods we are going to discuss and show in this guide on how to use Autofill in Excel.

We all use Excel to understand and manipulate the data in either a single sheet or multiple spreadsheets but one thing we need to understand is that we can automate a lot of tasks using the Autofill feature in Excel.

What is Autofill Excel

Before we get started, let us learn more about this feature in Excel that we can use in automating different tasks.

For example, Autofill pattern allows you to follow the same pattern and provide them to the next cells that you want to autofill in. Like Monday to Sunday from 1 to 30 or 31 of the month..

How to use Autofill in Excel Spreadsheets

You can follow the below methods to use the Autofill feature in Excel.

Method 1 – AutoFill using Double Click

Once you select the data and the range of cells you want to populate the data with, then simply double click at the bottom of the last cells to autofill the data.

Method 2 – AutoFill using CTRL + D

Once you select the data and the range of cells you want to populate the data with, click CTRL + D and the data will autofill for the selected range of cells.

Method 3 – AutoFill using Fill Down button

Select the range of cells along with the data and click on Fill Down button that will automate and easily autofill the selected range of microsoft excel spreadsheet cells.

  1. What is the AutoFill tool in Excel?

    The AutoFill tool in Excel allows you to fill the pattern of the data for the cells that you select to automate the data with.

  2. Where is the AutoComplete button in Excel?

    The AutoComplete button in Excel is similar to AutoFill which allows you to follow a pattern to update the data in the next set of selected cells that you want and select to automate the data with.

  3. How do you AutoFill in Excel without dragging?

    The AutoFill button can be used once you select the cells to autofill the data with the Fill Down option which can also be used by CTRL + D.

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