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If you are an iPhone user and loves to edit photos or is a fan of photography then you might have heard and even used Photo Cutout app yourself. If yes, then you might be interested in learning more about using the Photo Cutout app on the latest version of iOS 16.

As an iPhone gadget freek with iOS 16 on it then you might have a few questions yourself on how you can use Photo cutout with ease and in order to help you we’ve written this article. We will help you understand the steps required to use Photo cutout on an iPhone with iOS 16.

Photo Cutout On An iPhone

iPhone Photo Cutout Tool

The Photo Cutout Tool makes it easier to separate a subject from its background, which makes it handy for designing graphics, collages, or positioning objects in various environments.

  • Foreground Detection: The tool analyzes the image to identify the main subject (the part you want to keep) and the background to remove.
  • Boundary Recognition: The tool then identifies the boundaries or edges of the subject, determining where it starts and ends making it easy to create images.
  • Cutout Process: The tool carefully removes the backdrop while maintaining the main topic, essentially “cutting out” the main subject from the rest of the image, using the boundaries that it has discovered.
  • Transparency or a New Background: The background that was removed is frequently replaced by transparency, making it simple to position the subject on any other background you choose. As an alternative, certain tools could let you choose a different background image or color.
  • Refinement (optional): Using certain sophisticated tools, you might be able to make further adjustments or manually alter the cutout’s edges to get a neater outcome.

How to Use Photo Cutout on iPhone

Below are some of the most important guide on Image cutout on iPhone which you might also want to know answers and the guide to as well. So, below are the steps for you to follow.

How to Copy a Subject From a Photo Background in Photo Cutout

  1. On your PC or smartphone, launch a photo editor.
  2. To create a selection around the object you wish to replicate, use a tool that resembles a lasso or selection brush.
  3. The subject copied by selecting “Copy” or “Cut.”
  4. Open the new background or document where you want to paste the topic.
  5. the subject into the newly created document.

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How to Share a Subject Directly to Another App in Photo Cutout

In order for you to share a subject directly to another app you will need to simply save your Photo Cutout project as an image or photo which may used from any other app.

Find the “Share” or “Export” option in your photo editor that will help you save the image or photo easily.

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How to Copy a Subject Using Drag And Drop in Photo Cutout App

  1. Open a picture editor and the folder containing the image you wish to copy side by side.
  2. Drag the image file into the photo editor by clicking and holding it.
  3. Drop the object as a new layer or element into the editor’s canvas.
  4. The subject’s size and placement should adjust as necessary.

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