Jio APN Settings for High Speed Internet on Gadgets


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Jio users can now make use of the JIO APN settings to increase their network speed and get higher speed internet connectivity.  The Jio Access Point is available in Android and iOS devices which actually increase the direct signal strength from Jio towers.  In general when an SIM is inserted, the Jio APN settings are automatically updated.

Access Point Name is the important setting for cellular data connectivity, where the device uses these access point names to link between your mobile internet and then service provider interest network.

Jio APN Settings

The Jio signal will be wholly dependent on the APN setting, if there is any mismatch in setting the signal strength will be lost. Having set up the correct APN settings for the Jio Network on your device will get high speed 4G internet.

Every company does have their distinctive APN settings to particular users to allow them to access the internet services. The Jio APN setting having correctly updated will ensure to have buffer free video streaming, online game and other download options for quick.

Hope you have got what exactly the Jio APN does mean and now we will be going to get the setting in your Android or iOS device. We have detailed processes for each device respectively for your convenience.

Jio APN Settings for Fast Internet in Android by Default

The Jio APN settings in the Android can be changed by making it default or by filling the details by you. Make sure you follow the below given steps correctly to increase your internet speed.

  1. Open the Settings Option form the Android Menu Option
  2. Now click on Mobile Networks and then move to SIM options
  3. Here click on Jio SIM Slot and then click on access point names
  4. Click on Reset button and then view all default Jio APN settings

Jio Access Point in Android by Manual

In case the option of the reset does not work and the internet speed doesn’t not increase. Then you can choose these below given options and make changes manually.

  1. Open then Setting Icon from the Menu options of Android Menu
  2. Now go to Wireless & Network and then go to check SIM & Network
  3. Here click on Jio SIM and then tap on Access Point Name form list
  4. Tap on +Sign on to add new Internet setting for the Jio
  5. Here enter name as JioNet and then tap three dots on right corner
  6. Click on save option and then move out after savings this option

Jio APN on iOS device

The iOS devices do not bother you with the SIM settings any time, as they have their default option which automatically detects the best Jio APN Settings for the device.

The user has to just insert the SIM card and then the default APN settings will be added to the device. There is no manual option to add the Jio APN setting for iOS devices.

How to get Jio APN Settings via SMS

Customers can contact the Jio customer service to get enquiry about the Jio APN setting. On request they will send a link to your device which can be automatically updated with just one tap and as well manually steps will also be listed to change Jio APN Settings.

Are the Jio APN setting changes safe for the device?

APN settings will not affect any other network or SIM card details in the device. Thus changing the Jio APN Settings Will not affect your device, rather it will only affect your internet speed.

What is an initial step to resolve the internet speed of Jio?

If you’re using the Jio network then you can try changing the Jio APN setting as shown above and then having to get the mobile into airplane mode to let changes may affect. Just 15 seconds of Airplane mode will get your device internet speed back to normal.

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