How to Make Airpods Louder with Siri, MAC, Android and Other


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Make your Airpods louder for better listening experience and know how to make airpods louder using different gadgets and methods.

Now-a-days everyone using Airpods for listening songs and it makes feel comfort and easy to handle at anywhere and it is most useful in the crowd places to avoid the disturbance.

So through this article, we will learn how to manage the sound in Airpods by using different apple products like iPhone, iPad, Siri in different Airpod versions. Also, know How to fix low volume issue by the end of the article.

Airpods Louder

How to Make Airpods Louder by iPhone and iPad

As we know using iPhone or iPad we can adjust the volume on Airpods

  1. Take your Airpods
  2. Connect your Airpods with your iPhone with the help of Bluetooth
  3. Go to settings app in your iPhone or iPad
  4. Click on Accessibility Option
  5. Select the your Airpods name shown on the screen
  6. The connection has done, now you can adjust your volume.

Adjust Volume on Airpods with Siri

It is a simple method to adjust the volume of Airpods and the Siri helps to adjust the volume by instructing hey siri increase/decrease the volume.

As it is very comfortable but we have a simple process to connect Siri with AirPods using iphone and then we can access the Siri to adjust volume.

  1. Go to settings App in your iPhone
  2. Choose the Siri & search option
  3. Turn on hey Siri button
  4. Tap allow Siri when locked option and make it to turn on

The process has completed, now you can access the Siri

  • Say hey siri increase the volume, it increases the volume of Airpod
  • To decrease the volume of Airpods, say hey siri decrease the volume 

Adjust Volume on Airpods Pro

To adjust the volume of Airpods pro, we have an in-built feature for accessing it. To do this, just follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Tap the triple press on the sensor stem of Airpod
  2. Slide down the finger on the sensor stem to decrease the volume
  3. Slide up the finger on the sensor stem to increase the volume
  4. Single tap of the sensor stem of Airpod can be pause the music.

How to Make Airpods Louder by MAC

The process is same as the Airpods pro, follow the same steps and here we have one more feature of siri. Siri helps to increase or decrease the volume by commanding to siri by our words which is we disccused in siri method. 

Can we have an app to control the volume of Airpod which relates to mac?

Yes, we have an app to control the volume such as Boom2 which has the features of adjustable volume and equalizer.

How to Adjust Volume on Airpods Max

  1. Take the Airpods and connect it to the iPhone
  2. Hold the noisy cancelling option until it blinks a white light
  3. It conveys the pairing option is in On mode
  4. Check your Airpods name in your iPhone/Mobile
  5. Tap on it and then its connection is done.

Now, you can adjust the volume by the control in iPhone and through the Airpods max.

Make Airpods Louder on Android

  1. Take the Airpods out of from your Airpod case
  2. Turn off the bluetooth in your Android phone
  3. Connect the Airpod by turning on the Bluetooth of your phone
  4. Reset all and close the all the music apps and tabs

Now, we can control the volume of an Airpod with the features increase and decrease option in android.

Can airpods are waterproof, is it one of the reasons to low the volume in Airpods?

The Airpods  are not a waterproof it is just resist the water level upto the mark mentioned in data provided for Airpods and it may be one of the reasons to low the volume because it becomes wet due to more water content.

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How to Fix Low Volume on Airpods to Make Louder

Sometimes the Airpods may sounds in less volume due to some issues and but it is minor task for solving the issue. Just you need follow the instructions according to your problem.

Issue1: Calibrate the sound of your Airpods by using iPhone

  1. Take your Airpods and initate the playing any music or listening any songs
  2. Decrease the entire volume of your iPhone, now, you can’t listen anything in your Airpod
  3. Take your iPhone and go to Bluetooth settings
  4. Turn off the Bluetooth and it may disconnect the Airpod
  5. Start playing music again in your iPhone, now decrease the volume of your iPhone
  6. Both the devices should have a null volume
  7. Connect the devices by the help Bluetooth
  8. Turn on the Bluetooth and select your Airpods, wait until it connects
  9. Adjust the volume as per your requirements through iPhone/Airpod

Issue2: It may be any changes in Music app Sound settings

  1. Go to settings in your iPhone/android
  2. Click on music option
  3. We may have different options like sound check, EQ, Show Apple music
  4. The EQ option should be in Off mode otherwise the sound will be not adjustable.

Issue3: if two Airpods maintains unequal volume may leads to low volume

  1. Go to settings app and click on Accessibility
  2. Tap on Audio option
  3. Check the equalizer it should be the value of 0.0
  4. Then both the pods maintain same volume, it solves the issue easily.

Issue4: Low Power mode issues

  1. Tap the settings option in your mobile
  2. Click on battery option
  3. If Low Power mode is in on mode, then it should be in turn off mode

It helps to solve the issue, and saves the battery charge also.

Issue5: Check is the Airpods fitted to ears or not

  1. Connect the Airpods through Bluetooth with the iPhone
  2. Go to settings app and click on Bluetooth option
  3. Select more information option and then choose the Ear tip fit test
  4. Click on continue option and tap the play option

These are some of the issues which are responsible for low volume. So try to use the methods that we discussed and solve your issue.

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