Draw and Write on Screenshots with Photo App on MAC


A useful tool that is useful for many things is the ability to annotate pictures and screenshots. You may use it to add notes, highlight key passages, or just let your imagination run wild.

If you use a Mac, you have a wonderful built-in tool called Markup that enables you to annotate photographs right inside the photographs program.

In other words, you can easily add notes, doodles, and text to your photographs and screenshots using Markup in Photos on a Mac, making them more educational and visually appealing.

Screenshots with Photo App

A markup is a great tool for releasing your creativity and improving your visual communication abilities, whether you use it for business presentations, idea sharing, or just for pleasure.

How to Take a Screenshot on MAC

The standard macOS screenshots are something that many of us accustomed to using.

Take a screenshot of your full screen and save it to your desktopShift + 3
Screenshot of your full screen and save it to your clipboardControl + Shift + 3
Screenshot of a portion of your screen and save it to your desktopShift + 4
Screenshot of a portion of your screen and save it to your clipboardControl + Shift + 4

Use Markup to Write or Draw on Photo in Photos on MAC

Markup may used to write or draw on a picture, add shapes, rotate, crop, and more.

  • Double-click a photo in the Photos app on your Mac, then select Edit from the toolbar.
  • Markup selected by clicking the Extensions icon.
  • To annotate the image, use the tools on the toolbar.
  • See the table below for descriptions of each tool.
  • Move the pointer close to the edge of the markup, then drag the blue handles.
  • To save changes, click.

How can I draw and write on screenshots in the Photos app on my Mac?

Drawing and writing on screenshots may done using other apps like Preview or third-party software, even if the Photos app itself lacks these features.

How to Edit a Screenshot on a MAC

Remember that recent Mac Pro models with the Touch Bar feature screenshot options that let you snap “Entire Screen” screenshots.

  1. Simply save a screenshot to your desktop.
  2. On your desktop, double-click the generated image file.
  3. Alternatively, you can choose Open With by right-clicking your image file.
  4. Keynote found in your Finder by selecting Keynote from the list of available applications.
  5. You may expand the edit toolbar in Apple Preview to add shapes, alter the color scheme of the screenshot, include text, and more.
  6. You can modify the screenshot in Keynote by adding a shadow, and a reflection, and removing the background.

Take Better Screenshots on Your Mac with these 5 Apps

In the majority of cases, third-party apps work properly and complete the task. To take the screenshots you need on your Mac, you may require slightly more advanced features.

  • Skitch
  • Shottr
  • Snagit
  • Monosnap
  • Lightshot

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