How to Install Decky Loader on Steam Deck with Best Plugins


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Those who love gaming must know about the Steam deck. It is a device developed by Valve Corporation. The stem deck has a dedicated gaming operating system, integrated controls, and a built-in screen.

With traditional gaming controllers like thumbsticks, D-pad, triggers, and face buttons, it has gyro sensors. Gyro sensors give motion control input.

Let me tell you some of the basic features of the Steam Deck device. It has a 7-inch touchscreen display. The aspect ratio is standard 16:10. The resolution is about 1280*800 pixels.

Decky Loader on Steam Deck

In terms of storage, there are different models of steam decks. Some models come with SSDs i.e. solid-state drives. The portable gaming experience offered by the stem deck is exceptional.

How to Install Decky Loader on Steam Deck

Steam Deck is a Linux-based device. One can load Decky Loader tool on the steam deck. Decky loaded allows to install third–party Apps on Steam Deck.

Here, I am discussing some of the general steps which need to be followed to install Decky Loader on the Steam Deck –

General method of Installation to Install Decky Loader on Steam Deck

  1. Power on Steam deck and Login. This will open a Linux-based desktop environment.
  2. Open the available browser on the Steam Deck and then visit the official Decky Loader Git Hub page.
  3. Download the deck loader after checking the compatible decky loader version.
  4. Locate the package file. It is mostly in .deb or .rpm format.
  5. Search for the terminal application in the app launcher and open it.
  6. Use the ‘cd’ command to navigate to the location of the decky loader package. Use commands like ‘cd/desktop’, if it is on a desktop. Give the command ‘cd/download’, if it is in the downloads folder.
  7. Use a package manager to install a decky loader. For eg., if the file is in .deb format, give a command like – ‘sudodpkg -Ideck-loader.deb’.
  8. In the end, just follow the on-screen instructions. This will help you complete the installation process.

Note – If you want the most accurate information, refer to Valve’s official documentation.

Install Decky Loader on Steam Deck with Specific Method of Installation

Here, I am discussing the specific method to install a deck loader on a steam deck. Let us understand it step-wise step

  1. Enable developer mode by using the setting menu.
  2. Now press the steam button.
  3. Again search for the set menu.
  4. Choose system setting
  5. Toggle on Enable Developer Mode
  6. Find the settings menu end using the option ‘new developer’.
  7. Toggle on CEF remote debugging.
  8. You will be prompted to restart your console.
  9. Reboot the console.
  10. Switch to desktop mode
  11. Press the steam button
  12. Choose the power option
  13. From the options that appear choose the ‘switch to desktop’ option.
  14. Open the browser of your choice
  15. Navigate to the deck loader GitHub page
  16. Search for the Decker loader download button on the page and press it.
  17. This will download the deck loader.Once downloaded, search for the file becky_installer.desktop.
  18. Click on the file to execute it, and then press on the Continue tab.
  19. You will be asked to create a temporary password if you wish. Select yes.
  20. Select the release version of the app.
  21. Tap on the OK tab.

How to Install Deck Loader and Install Plugins

  1. After the installation of the Decky loader return to the gaming mode.
  2. Access the quick access menu.
  3. Search for an icon that looks like a plug and click on it.
  4. If you can see the deck menu, it proves at the deck loader is successfully installed.
  5. To install the plugin search for an icon that looks like a shop. It is present just ahead of the settings icon.
  6. You will then see a list of plugins to choose from.
  7. Choose the plugin.
  8. Hit the install tab to automatically download it. Once installed apply the plugin.

Best Decky Loader Plugins from Steam Deck

The library plugins available at Steam Dock are not extensive. Additional options will evolve with time.

The plugins available depend on the needs of users. The most useful categories of plugins for the Steam deck are as follows –

Streaming and Recording: Those who want to share their gaming experiences must use plugins that enable recording or streaming.

These plugins enable live streaming to different platforms like Twitch. If one wants to edit the gameplay later they can use the recordings plugin.

Emulator: If one wants to play retro console games, emulator plugins are helpful. It allows you to run games on varied platforms like – NES, PlayStation, Game Boy, etc.

Gamepad configuration: For optimizing the gaming experience, these plugins provide gamepad support and customization capabilities. You can create profiles customized to your needs. You can fine-tune controller settings and have map control also.

Additional – Choose your gaming preference and you might find plugins that enhance the game experience. EX: It could include texture packs, game-specific enhancements, cheat code utilities, etc.

Decky Loader Plugins

we will tell the names of some Decky Loader Plugins that will help you

  • Animation Changer Plugin – To find, install, boot, and suspend animations.
  • ProtonDB Badges – This will instantly help find games that are suitable for the Steam Deck.
  • SteamGrid DB – This helps to grab game art.

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